Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is It Monday Yet?

Nanci drinkingThis is my cousin Nanci a few Easters back. That mess behind her is what I call a working space.
But the question is not what is Nanci drinking (Bloody Marys) or how can I work in such squalor, but who's playing Fun Monday this week, Monday, March 30?

The topic is Easter Baskets: Share a story, is it better to give or to receive, what would you like in yours?

Cherry Cheesecake PopcornCheesecake flavored white fudge and Jelly Belly bean RR1 Cherry Cheescake Popcorn

Here's the list so far (of participants, not things you'd like in your Easter basket):
Hootin' Annie
Watching Them Blossom
Mommy Wizdom
Mama Drama Margaret
The Church Lady

If you'd like to play this Monday, March 30, or if I brain burped your name or url, please put it in the comment section. Will add names that come in until noon on Monday.
Patience is hosting next Monday, April, 6
Lil Mouse Jill would like to host April 13, the day after Easter

Thanks to Tammi for the Raf and Gabe photo


Rayne said...

Please add me for Fun Monday.
Rayne @
Thank you

Jeanna said...

Done, Rayne.

bon bon said...

oh man, nancy is gonna disown you as a relative when she sees this. ha!

Jeanna said...

Oh,there are plenty of other better reasons,Bon.

C said...

Please add me :) Or is this closed to residents outside of the U.S.? ;p

BTW, your work space is nothing compared to Hubby's! I was actually going to send you a pic just to show you. He'd kill me though. Funny thing is that when I cleaned his office (and I swear, everything was in order and totally made sense to me), Hubby couldn't find ANYTHING he needed! He messed everything up again and when I asked for such and such a document from a specific date, he would magically be able to produce said document. Odd.

Jeanna said...

Hey C., that's so sweet you're playing again.
Please, send me a pic. My upstairs computer space is much better I promise.
SoCo's mom popped in the other day and vowed to clean up my downstairs space, although I've no idea where she'd put everything.
I understand being able to find stuff you've stacked in the mire.

Mama Dramam Margaret said...

Sign me up!

Mama Drama Margaret

Jeanna said...

You got it, Margaret.

Gattina said...

I think I was the first one to tell that I am participating, but you forgot me (sob)

ChrisB said...

Please add me to the list thank you

Jeanna said...

Sorry, G., have you linked to the Writer's Cramps blog now.

Gottcha ChrisB.

grace said...

Please add me

Janis said...

Hi please sign me up for your fun monday.

The Church Lady said...

I'd love to play Fun Monday! Please sign me up!

lisaschaos said...

She doesn't look very happy having her photo taken. I love chocolate, any and all chocolate. :)

Jeanna said...

Grace, Janis, Church Lady: Done

Jeanna said...

Lisa, she's a Dempsey, they all LOVE having their photo taken, she's just been imbibing w/brunch.

jodi said...

Fun Monday, huh? I have back to school monday. :)

I love your pictures. That giant carrot made me blink. I thought it was an enormous Peeps of some kind. Did you notice they have orange this year? I had to buy them. Orange chicks. So cool. Wal-mart has the whole candy aisle divided into pastels.

Jeanna said...

Shouldn't a carrot that big make your eyes not blink or give you x-ray vision or something.
Ugh, school, I hate to even walk in the building, use their computers, swim in their pool and grab free stuff.
Yeah, I saw some very nice Peeps colors this year. I went mad and ate a whole box of green ones a few weeks back already.

Patience said...

If you haven't come up with a host for the 6th, I'm up for it.

Jeanna said...

Cool, Patience, you should let every one know that and I'll change it on this post.

Uncivil said...

So, ....Cousin Nancy and "Hef" go way back huh?

Jeanna said...

She'd not only love you (long time) for that comment, YoJim, but leave the kids and fam.