Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate Cream Hearts

I love the idea of a Valentine's Day cookie. It's not as messy as chocolate and you can do a lot more with decoration. They work well in February heat waves (it's 42° right now) and this kind of swelter could shock a box of Wisconsin chocolates.
The Chocolate Cream Hearts were next to the Mini Marzipan Jewels, but can't compare.
This is a heavy creme filled monster that is best eaten like an Oreo. It's difficult to take a civilized bite out of the thing en masse, but is still fun to eat and boasts a fluffy cocoa filling.

It doesn't, however, compare to the blend and balance of the Marzipan Jewel. This didn't taste like a fresh or well preserved cookie, the icing was just all right, and the candy heart on top was a horrible bit of stale sugar and food coloring.
But it would be fine dunked in pieces and the chocolate creme center was a bulls eye.
It won't stop me from buying bakery at Clasen's, which not only has great samples (the blueberry coffee cake they had out is still on my mind), but boasts more hits than misses.
Wonder if they'll be making King Cake this year.

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