Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tears In Title Town

Green Bay Puddles(Practically) Wordless Wednesday
Unless you live under a very large rock in a very deep cave, or on a planet in a galaxy far, far away, you've heard the news that will be rocking Cheeseheads across the land for generations to come:
Mighty Brett has hung up his cleats. I scoured the city for reactions, and because words can simply not convey the pall which has spread o'er the land, here's my first ever (Practically) Wordless Wednesday.

Sauce faceGabriel Ramon, Packer Fan
"He may have had another season in him, but more importantly, can you fill this up with wings? And some more of that sauce."

Jebediah Smails, Potter Fan
"I think Gryffindor will take the cup this year."

Miss VickersMiss Vickers, Steelers Fan
"You're barking up the wrong end zone. And I'm not into Vicodin."

Ms. Nanci Nitro, Cousin and FIB
"I think every Easter should start with a round of Bloody Mary's. Favre? He won't have the Bears to push around anymore. I mean, wait, did I miss St. Pat's?"


Miss Eagle said...

Loss and loss. Our footy season will start soon and the Melbourne Storm is without the beautiful Matt King who has gone to play in England for three years on a super duper contract. And then the Storm played and English team to see who was the World's Best. Storm went down - because last year
s team had dissipated and, of course, England is in the middle of their season and our fellows had had no competition. So I can imagine the pall and hope all goes well and doesn't ruin any winning streak.

Blessings and bliss

Jeanna said...

So what do you think of Will Chambers as a replacement then? I read an article from December and it sounded hopeful.
I think last season was maybe all the spark Favre had, or thought he had left. Don't see his back up staying healthy long enough to keep up the momentum. But you never know.

Miss Eagle said...

Now Jeanna, don't get too technical for me. There is a huge ocean and a continent between me, my Packers tee shirt and THE Packers. It would be easier for me to answer what would happen if Will Smith played for the packers! Will have to check Foxtel sports to see if they show US NFL over here - and then I might have more conversation on this. (Smile)

Blessings and bliss

Jeanna said...

The Fresh Prince might as well be in contention for a position on the Packers roster.
I know less than nothing about rugby, but do like the looks of the Melbourne Storm.
I have a feeling you not only know more about US politics, but have a boat load more knowledge about sports.

Uncivil said...

Brett who?
Awwwwwww.... Let me crawl back under my rock!
Hey...I recognize Miss Vickers?

lisa marie said...

Too funny! I would have been under a rock but hubby told me the news. I wonder who we'll be hearing about now. . .

Jeanna said...

I'm gonna get your redneck butt a subscription to SI or some shit, James. Miss Vickers say "Hey, ya'll."

Jeanna said...

Hey Lisa, I do enjoy your gorgeous photos...You mean besides Aaron Rodgers? I've heard rumors about Daunte Culpepper, but talk about the walking wounded. Unless they can rebuild him Million Dollar Man style.

jodi said...

er...I think Gyffindor stands a good chance too. :)

Jeanna said...

Hey Jodi, I guess the Potter crowd isn't all that into the Packers.

Nidarshana said...

Liked how you presented the lot...though I couldn't make much sense of it...except for what the pictures spoke..

Jeanna said...

Hi there nidarshana, thanks for stopping by.

Nitronea said...

Excuse me vodka is for sissies (or cheeseheads). I be drinking a margarita here.

Jeanna said...

I don't know where you got it since I was making Bloody Mary's that Easter.