Sunday, November 01, 2009

Number Two

hippie sniffers
No. 2 (get it?), The Dog Ate My Wax Harmonica

I posted this photo for YoJim—don't these UFO Day dogs look like Redneck hippie haters?
"Why, Bouregard, I do believe I smell dirty *Yankees."

A coveted discontinued item for years, the wax harmonica or a version of it, may or may not be available from Concord Confections (a subsidiary of Tootsie Roll).
Called the Wowee Fun Gum Whistle, this looks a lot like what I remember.

Gum Whistle
The beloved orange (or black) wax harmonica isn't number one because outside of calling up this Canadian company or making them from a mold can't get them.
If I find out how or where, you'll be the first to know.

*I'm with you Bouregard, sic balls.
Special thanks to I Remember JFK


C said...

Would it be selfish of me to say that I am so happy you are posting on The Dish still? :)

Love The Ched Curtain too, but old habits are hard to kick. KWIM?

jMo said...

Gotta dust off the curtain, have had a few posts just sitting there, but now that I have a computer desk, watch out.
KWIM you say?
You are so sweet whatever the hell it means.

Uncivil said...

Loveable muggs on them two bruiser's.
I need them to work my junk yard!

jMo said...

I think SoCo would love to join Abigail too.
Those guys were just pups and oh so crazy friendly. Doesn't look it though.