Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Utter Bibble: Candy corn sugar buzz

Utter Bibble: Candy corn sugar buzz
Blogger Search turned up this sugar buzzed Madisonian with an eye on Halloween candy and a love for Black Adder.
Bonus: A sound file from Blackadder II in the sidebar.
Find wallpaper, quizes, interviews, and an Episode Guide on the BBC's Blackadder Homepage.


Jamie said...

Thanks for blogging me! You're sweet. Candy keeps you warm on chilly autumn days like this, particularly when it's a bright design on a comfy shirt. :D

Your comment at Utter Bibble was nice to find first thing this morning. Too bad more readers don't take a minute to write!

Jeanna Olson said...

Thanks, Jamie. Great candy corn designs. Note their Classic Thong is made in the USA. Wonder where I can get a pair of Zagnut briefs.