Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let Your Fur Flag Fly

Vampire teethHere you go girls. Are you as cold as ice or
hot blooded, check it and see.

Do You Want a Vamp or a Scamp?
Your Result: You Are A Wolf Girl

You love a warm, strong body and a full head of hair. You don't care if your best clothes and comforter are covered in fur as long as you are too. You long for a hot-blooded wolf with tan skin and a tight bod. And although you may not be a cat lover, you don't mind a scratch or two.

You Are A Vamp Girl

Do You Want a Vamp or a Scamp?
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C said...

Vampire girl, all the way.
Ha! Thanks for posting this. Fun. Those questions were too funny. I must say that for some reason I wanted to lie when they asked for my age.

Let your fur flag fly!

C said...

P.S. I posted my results on my blog.

Jeanna said...

I saw, and you have a little dog in you too, girl. Don't know why my results graphic didn't show up the same way as yours (just a single black line for me), but I fear there's a little vamp in me.
I set the oldest age choice as one leaning toward vampires.

Uncivil said...

And I thought you were a cougar?

Jeanna said...

Well I'm not a MILF, so I'll take cougar and run through the woods necked with it.

Uncivil said...

Well, I'm an old curmudgeon now, but back in the day.....I was "Cougar-Bait"!!!!

Unhinged said...

As if there was any doubt.

You are a vampire kind of girl who digs stony skin, and loves to see it sparkle in the sun. You are probably a cat lover, and may not like the smell of sexy fur rippling over muscle. You long to hear the Cullen boys go bump in the night.

Jeanna said...

I'm tempted to make the obvious joke here, but since you were so nice and called me a cougar and all I'll refrain.

Jeanna said...

There was no doubt, Andi.

jodi said...

hey now--cougar stories are the hot new thing (I know it's a bad pun *snerk*)

I thought about my age and couldn't remember for a minute. Its sort of like my weight--who pays attention anymore?

*sigh* I'm a vamp person too. It was a cool movie. :)

Jeanna said...

Are they now? Do tell.
Where do you go from there, coyote, pack mule, def leppard?
I think SNL took something beautiful and turned it into something ugly.
Just watched Twilight again on Blu-ray because of all the talk and thought it was better this time.
Good leads, some poor casting, some unexpectedly good casting (James, dad) IMHO.

C said...

Jeanna, a girlfriend and I went to a bar for some pub grub (no drinks because we're both moms and nursing babies still) right before we went to see Twilight, the movie. This was a few months ago, when I was in Toronto while LO was still in the NICU and my gf decided I needed a night "off" to enjoy my b-day. Anyway, we were at the bar and everyone seemed so YOUNG! I was shocked as hell when my friend laughed and said it looked like we were a bunch of cougars!!! Then the very cute 20-something year old sweet talkin' bartender commented on how MILFy we were. Gah. I feel old.

Jeanna said...

I think a MILF is the better of the two, C. If you're a cougar, I'm a beat up old alley cat, going blind and missing patches of fur.