Saturday, May 16, 2009

On The Road Again

These gummi fish are pointing the wrong way because I was in Lake Geneva today (and saw some great candy and lots of water), but I forgot to bring my camera—let that be a lesson to you all.
Meanwhile enjoy some X-Ray Fish and a map.
The fish, btw, are tasty for novelty candy, quite fruity and hold up well to travel and being photographed on hot rocks and lichen.
Next stop, Chocolate Fest.


Unhinged said...

Ah-HAH! You're back.

Those gummi fish look interesting. I have this friend who loves sushi (what I call dead fish) and this would be PERFECT for her! LOL.

Jeanna said...

I got these in Galena, but you can get them online, Andi.
I looked up our fav blog titles and the domain names are taken, even "Road Cheese!"

Uncivil said...

I see dead fish!

C said...

You, me, a tank full of gas and a couple of dogs...and candy...and we're all set ;) Although, you wouldn't want to travel with me, as my sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired. Those fish pointing the wrong way on the map have better direction than I do! ;) XO

Jeanna said...

Better than smelling them, James.

Jeanna said...

Those fish and Chance have a better sense of direction than I do. Maybe there's a chip we can get implanted, C.
I got lost on my way to the fitness center on Tuesday and ended up in Lake Geneva (home of the Playboy Mansion). I got lost in the trade show parking lot and ended up on the street somewhere in Chicago (still don't know which street).