Monday, June 25, 2007

Peanut Chews

Peanut ChewsI found these affable Chew-ets at the Stop-N-Go between Vitense and the Ice Arena. I was on my way to or from a Little League game when these huge chew hunks begged me to buy them. Baseball, I love it. I wish I was at a game right now. Yes, at 3:02 am I wish I was at a baseball game.
Go Sox.
So Peanut Chews, they come in king size 3.3 oz bars and are sectioned off in generous pieces kind of like a Bit-O-Honey.
They're "chocolate" covered "caramel" bites which reminded me of Snickers with a taste I couldn't identify because I was too lazy to turn over the wrapper and read the word "molasses." Then I found Cybele's far superior review (and photos) over at Candy Blog. She's done a ridiculously thorough job of reviewing Peanut Chews, and if I were you I'd just read hers.
What, still here, ok PCs are only a buck and also come in the Original Peanut Chew (dark "chocolate" in a red wrapper) which I gave to my sugar junky mother (yes, it runs in the family) along with this milk chocolate one.
The old lady loved them both (no surprise there). I thought the Milk Chocolately chew I ate not quite as addictive as a Snickers, but savory, unique, and lousy with peanuts. The larger than bite sized pieces made me feel less guilty about quickly chewing through the 230 calories. Twisted Pretzel Logic, no?
Mmmm, twisted pretzels.