Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bo Ryan's Express

Bo Ryan ice creamThis so-called iced cream not only recalls a great basketball season, but is surprisingly subtle and expressive. At least for a tub of ice cream. What is it expressing? Ice cream so fresh you can hear it graze.
Simple Ingredients
The creamy vanilla ice cream is loaded with large chocolate flakes and sports a gentle raspberry swirl. You can hop on Bo's Express without staining your shirt, unless you move around like a an actual badger, in which case watch out for errant chocolate chips.
A Little History
Babcock Hall has been open for 57 years. It's named after Dr. Stephen M. Babcock, who started the country's first dairy school.
Can I get an A-Moo?
He's also known for inventing the first butterfat test—which meant no more waiting for cream to rise to the top to guess butterfat content.
Thank you, Dr. Steve!
<span class=Let's face it, Babcock could come out with Blue-Green Badger Nut Algae Bloom, and it would still taste better than anything you'd find in a store, drive-thru, drive-in, or drive-by.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April Is The Mooest Month

art cowWhat a great day. It started out in traffic court, a place I find wildly entertaining, and ended up at the Babcock Dairy Store.
If you're able to hoof it on down there, check out all the bass and crappie in the stream by the Nat, you won't believe it. It's like Oktoberfest for shiny, shiny fish.
And remember, student employees may not get your order right, but they give you plenty of the wrong thing. Such as:

•Chocolate Caramel Crackle
Rich chocolate ice cream with what tastes like Nestlé Crunch and caramel
Bo's Express
I picked up a quart and will be reviewing it soon. I thought the label said something about coconut, but the website says raspberry swirl and chocolate flakes. Can't wait to find out what it is
Irish Cream
Just like it sounds
Maple Nut
Maple ice cream with cashews
Butterscoth Marble
Caramel Creek
Vanilla ice cream and caramel—this is what I ordered when given a leaning tower of Chocolate Caramel Crackle instead

Chocolate Turtle
Chocolate ice cream, caramel, chocolate chips, and pecans
Badger Blast
More chocolate ice cream with a vein of fudge and chocolate flakes. They are really pushing the chocolate
Berries Jubilee
Strawberry and raspberry ice cream
And all the rest.
Some guy wanted Berry Alvarez and couldn't figure out it was the Berries Jubilee without the blueberries. Or the football season.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sugar Buzz: Bunny Apples

buzz beeYeah, I know Easter was a week ago, but when I saw these Bunny Apples on flickr, I had to share.
Elizabeth, aka flickrer rocketcandy, says the apples were coated with white frosting and marshmallows. Note the caramel topping with dark chocolate bunnies on the right.
I think they were made somewhere on Robson Street in Vancouver.

bunny makerEaster Apple photo by rocketcandy

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Pooh BunnyIgnore my sister's disapproving looks and buy your discounted Easter candy before it's all gone. Gone like the green grass of spring. Gone like José Reyes, gone like Juan Pierre.
But before you load up on Cadbury Creme Eggs, I refer you to Chocoblogger Dom Ramsey, bats right, throws right.
Chocoblog came across the shrinking Cadbury Creme Egg story on The Consumerist, and it isn't pretty.
Apparently much smaller Cadbury Eggs had been hatching under the radar until The Office's Ryan the Intern uncovered the truth.
B.J. Novak, who stocks up on the seasonal Cadbury eggs every year, found one stashed away to compare to this year's egg, and voilà, irrefutable proof of chocolate covered shrinkage. On Conan no less.
What happened to the gluttony of supersizing?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dubble Bubbles

Gum InspectionGum. It's a candy, it's a toy, and unless you're at a ballgame, it's annoying.
Gumballs, like Big Barf candy, also make great filler. And April means you can choose fancy schmancy Easter gum, or simply revisit the classics.
OUR TEST: Bug, Vincenzo, and I inspected a pound of Grape and Blue Raspberry Dubble Bubble for flavor, texture, color, and blowing power.
OUR FINDINGS: I didn't like the fake grape taste which seemed to lose all flavor more quickly than the blue raspberry. I expected something with a sour grape kick, and was clearly thinking of another gum.
The boys were a little put off by the bumpy texture of the blue raspberry, but seemed to enjoy the rich blue color more than theBig Bubble violet.
Mixing colors created the pinkish blue bubble you see to your right. It took about five pieces to get a bubble this size.
CONCLUSION: Nothing loses flavor more quickly than Dubble Bubble. The grape practically lost it's taste before it was chewed. The blue raspberry retained flavor longer, but impeded the bubble blowing process.
In all fairness, we thought the fake grape blew a decent, initially smoother bubble, but found the blue raspberry more alluring.Popped Bubble