Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Claeys Root Beer Hard Candy

Sometimes the cheapest candy tastes the best, the exception being chocolate, the rule being licorice and hard candy. One of our taste testers found this bag of Claeys Root Beer candy at Dollar General and it's my new favorite root beer candy. Although now I'm thinking about root beer fudge.

If I look pathetic enough maybe she'll share

Claeys hard candy selections include five from my hard candy hit list: black licorice, anise, wild cherry, cinnamon and lemon drops. They also have fudge if you need to chomp into your candy without breaking off a tooth.

They're shaped like lemon drops

The Claeys drops are refreshing and tantalizing like the perfect soda fountain phosphate. They pack a root beer punch without being too sweet and have a soft crunchable coating that may turn into chewable left over slivers. Mmm, bag bottom bonus.

Well I smell something

Handsome Bob highly recommends them by smell alone. At least I think that's what he's smelling. The flavor stays with you leaving a pleasant, light taste on your tongue. It reminds me of a good soda and hints at fizz without being fizzy. Bobby Boy says it reminds him of Oliver's butt.

Why do you insist on taking photos of things I can't have?

They have 13g of sugar and 50 calories for three pieces and cost a dollar. Each piece is the size of an average lemon drop. A quick online search shows single 6 oz bags at Rau's Country Store for $1.39  and at Old Time Candy  for $2.19. Amazon is selling the same 6 oz bags for $4.65 as Ad-on items (really, Amazon?). 

Friday, August 05, 2016

Keep Your Ick On a Stick Just Give Me Charlie's Sausage Infer What You Will

 The Wisconsin State Fair started yesterday and it's time to gear up by looking at some of my fav photos from the Ghost of State Fair past.

From Charlie's Under the Sky Glider

The whipped jewel in the pastry crown, State Fair Cream Puffs

Thought the Rot on the roof was funny but caught this better choice for a smooch hunk senario

Having own affair with massive turkey leg. Very Roman

Yes, please

Note: Crazy Grazin' Day is this Tuesday, August 9. I promise if you follow the link, the first two items will be disturbing.