Thursday, July 05, 2012

Popped Corn

It was 104º today so I said "What the *$@!," and did a movie two-fer.

From top to bottom:Carmel & Cheddar, CrazySweet, Unpopped White, White Cheddar With Peppercorn, Sour Cream, Ranch, and Deluxe Caramel Corn

The undelivered haul mocking me from the love seat was largely responsible for my blowing off the day. I wish I hadn't already devoured my bag of Rural Route 1 corn before cooling off with the new Peter Parker and the latest Wes Anderson, but this popcorn is so good, I'm still tasting it. And not in a bad way.
It was six degrees cooler a few days ago when I got this trunk of treats, and I'd turned  the AC on full blast for the ride home, but by the time I got back and delivered the first bags, all the C.C. Winkle had melted and left fudge splots.
The cheese corn held up well. The plastic tub of Deluxe Caramel Corn seemed ok and has looked fine for living in my parents' dining room and their idea of cool.
We'll see what happens when I finally get the tin of carmel corn and cheddar cheese to its rightful owners. Bonus, the kernels didn't pop before I got in the door.
Rural Route 1 has yet to disappoint regardless of the abrasive woman scarfing up all the Barbeque popcorn~a hasty blech and have at it, but then I didn't get a chance to try any. Didn't check for a FIB plate, and not being one to judge (hahahahahaha), I'll just emphasize there are certain courtesies to observe when shopping for gourmet popcorn. Maybe she thought I was serious when I said "Aww, I wanted the last of the barbeque popcorn."
The chocolate fudge covered carmel corn with cashews, C.C. Winkle, tasted particularly good, I didn't care for whatever was going on with the fruity Brewers mix, the Cherry Cheesecake seemed its usual enticing self, but the Cheesy Sour Cream, and White Cheddar With Peppercorn were less ebullient than usual.
Cheesy Ranch kicked Sour Cream's arse which doesn't sound right considering they make it the same way each time. Is it the age of the corn, I have them bag it, maybe more delicious cheese saturated a particular batch, I don't know. My recommendations from my last trip to Montfort regardless: Cheesy Ranch and C.C. Winkle.
If you've never been, go. And expect a generous row of samples to greet you.