Monday, June 30, 2008

A Quirky Fun Monday

This Fun Monday, Confess Your Quirks, is hosted by Lisa, our ched chum to the north. No, not that kind of chum.
In case you missed this year's slightly soggy Rhythm & Booms, here are some lovely, er, photos (Ab Fab reference and possible quirk) which illustrate the theme.
Warm Up Quirk: I hate crowds, but love the places that hold them before it gets crowded.
A Few More
I'm bad at math and avoid things which intrude on that part of my brain. Who wants candy that makes you check state sales tax. That makes it what, $1.98? What the hell is that?

I only drink tea, but love the smell of coffee. Like Nitro Nanci, who claims she imbibed so much in her youth there isn't any more room left for alcohol, my inner coffee pot overflowed until I went completely off the bean.
Tea Cup ride
I used to hate the color pink. It's tied into an intense dislike of cheerleaders, girlie girls, and the bars of Dove soap which occupied my mouth as a child. The older I get, the less I dislike pink. Except for pink eye, blech. Sorry, Chrissy. (This young lady, let's call her Jessica, put in a 16+ hour day on Saturday. She does not have pink eye.)
Taffy Apples and Caramel Corn
I always have to check out fair food concessions whether or not I have money to buy something or the will power not to. I've jumped many a fence to do so.

I haven't forgiven Chris Carter for killing off the Lone Gunmen. Or letting the last two seasons of the X-Files (in theaters July 25) live.
Little green men
I've been dived bombed by birds so many times (walking or biking on trails), I started to carry a squirt gun. They buzz me with neither tree nor birdhouse in sight. I was walking down the MIDDLE OF THE BLEEPIN' ROAD tonight and they still f*&@ed with me. Bleepin' birds.
I don't consider my salsiccia and peppers done unless they're burned.
Peppers and Italian sausage
I think name calling is mean. Unless it's really funny. Case in point, my nickname in junior high was "Pube Head."
Elephant Ears
I like big fluffy dogs that lunge at you. Especially when the owner can't control them and you know they're the reason the dog feels it can party. That's okay boy, go for it. Good boy. I've been told my attitude doesn't help.
Golden RetrieverI often confuse simple concepts and blame it on lack of sleep.
"Uh, I'd like to warm my cookies here—is there a charge for that?"
Insomnia Cookies
I find a lot of stuff that nobody else but me thinks is cool.
Dirty sock

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie Candy Series: Sour Jujyfruits

What says blockbuster like a box of Jujyfruits? Okay, Icees, popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, whatever you can sneak into the theater. If I'm nibbling Jujyfruits I'm probably at the movies, and no matter how bad it gets (Love Guru), you're eating Jujyfruits and flicking popcorn at the loud mouth in front of you.
Not that I'd do that. Peanut shells work best.
Sour Jujyfruits don't flick well, and like revenge, are best served cold. They're too soft and taste like uncooked JELL-O. Better just out of the fridge, Sour Jujyfruits don't travel well. Their tartness can't overcome their blandness, making each flavor difficult to distinguish. They are the original Jujyfruits' boring evil twin.
The flavors are supposed to be Lime, Grape, Lemon, Raspberry, and Orange. I'd rename them: Something Sour, That's a Little Different I Guess it Could be Grape, Kind of Like a Melted Lemon Drop, Some Kind of Berry I Can't Believe I'm Eating These After Taking Photos of Them on a Picnic Table Full of Duck Poop, and Something Else Sour.
There's a whole world of gummy and sour gummy candies out there and these don't compare.

Reg JujyfruitsStick with the original Jujyfruits and keep reaching for the Sour Patch Kids.

Jujyworthy Movies:
Get Smart
The movie is surprisingly loyal if not as funny as the Mel Brooks and Buck Henry series. But then again, I'm no longer eight. It's got potential and a few laugh out loud guffaws. The kids in the audience were chatting up the dance scene after the movie.
Spoiler Alert
: Bill Murray in a tree is hilarious.
Anne Hathaway channels Barbara Feldon, Steve Carell looks the part and makes an interesting nerd, Alan Arkin rejoins Carell (Little Miss Sunshine) as an Edward Platt plus, and the not so surprise character at the end is another piece of almost perfect casting. The almost is Terence Stamp—give us a better Siegfried!

Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. and some slick SFX save the film. I was more interested in his booze soaked party boy than his Iron Man. Jeff Bridges makes a lousy villain, Gwyneth Paltrow is good and unexpected as Pepper Potts, and Terrence Howard is wasted as the understanding hard-nosed-but-not-really, military guy. Good action, needs more bad boy, certainly not a problem for Downey Jr. (he was so sweet when they shot Back To School here while Rodney Dangerfield was a grumpy old dick. If you want the real dish, ask the caterer).

Kung Fu Panda

Vince (age 17) wanted to see this movie, and I think Bug (on punishment, couldn't go) did too. We loved it, the audience loved it. Funny, well-paced, see it.
Orange Jujy

Monday, June 23, 2008

Meme Schmeme: Six Questions

Very few people I'd do this for, Chrissy is one of them.
But I won't enjoy it and I'm only using photos I'm sorting through anyway. (Look at my dad as a baby, and he claims he doesn't have a sweet tooth.)

Harold,Dad,Uncle Ray
Ten Years Ago
I was sitting at a computer in a cubicle at a job I loathed. I was clock watching and trying to mentally leave my surroundings. I thought Falling Down was a mighty fine film.

Fudge Menu
Six Things To Do

˚ Plan a trip to Noah's Ark
˚ Make path for piece of junk washer to exit and new piece of junk washer to enter
˚ Buy more candy
˚ Eat more cheese (it still is, after all, Dairy Month)
˚ Make alternate plans for trip to Noah's Ark when plans unravel
˚ Lose weight

Cheddar Beer Soup
Fav Snackage
Please refer to the Gummy Pyramid (I told you I was sorting though old photos).

Gummy Pyramid
What I'd Do If I Were Loaded
That's loaded, not load bearing.
What I'm doing now, only more of it. And further away for longer periods of time. With a house, several dogs, and cabana boys.

Places I Have Lived
Madison, WI
La-X (the city, not the airport)
The Twin Cities

Hamm's signOh, I've wasted my life.

Why The Wisconsin Candy Dish?
Because Candy Jones was taken. This started as a class assignment with a lot more local dish and professional type stuff like interviews and research. So here I am no longer being graded, doing a meme.

Parade Cow

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Procrastination Sunday: QBZ Warheads

QBZ WarheadsSummer, baseball, a Sunday drive to visit the Ho Chunk Nation. All reasons why this post is short and sweet. And sour in a good way.
QBZ Warheads were on the new product sale rack at Walgreen's in mid-May so I bought them, ate them alone, ate them on the phone, took a nap, then ate the rest with Butter Snaps.
I tossed a bag to Bug who snarfed them in seconds without comment.
That, from a 12-year-old, is high praise.
The niblet blocks, not as crazy sour as other Warheads, are almost mellow in comparison. They're an approachable snacking size and the colors are fun and appealing. The sour fruit chews are easy for aging (or rotting) teeth to chew, so keep chewing while there's a tooth in your head (the new slogan of the American Dental Association).
This post is dedicated to our youngest taste tester, Bug, wishing him a sweet congratulations on winning yesterday's Home Run Derby at the WMLL ball park.

#1 BugWay to smack a ball, Bug!

Home Run Derby photo by Jackie, aka Bug's granny

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Emily's Chocolate-Covered Fruit

Emily's Fruit"Are you Wisconsin Candy Dish?"
"Why yes. Yes I am."
A delivery guy showed up with a box of chocolate-covered fruit from Emily's the other day, still chilly in it's cold storage pack. I didn't think those things actually worked, but they do. Mmm, thermal control.
Maybe the thick, waxy coating on the Everyday Chocolates from Emily's Everyday Treasures helped keep them from melting. Like they did minutes after arranging them in candy dishes on Nitro Nanci's garden table. And of course Nanci has to rearrange everything; so that didn't help.

If you like sugar with your sugar, I mean fruit, this is a less guiltier than usual pleasure.
The worst I can say about this candy, is that the chocolate gets in the way of some succulent dried fruit.
The strawberries and cherries tasted the best, countering the thick, waxy dark chocolate with their girth, and in the cherry's case, a sweet tartness. They're made from sour cherries which taste nothing like the ones we used to chuck over the fence into the Erdman's backyard because, well, we hated them. We threw rotten apples from the Prestigiacomo side, and rotten plums, tomatoes, cherries, and apples from ours. A malevolent fruit salad.
Judging from the mouthful of strawberry chocolates Nanci shoved in her mouth (you do not want to see that photo), she preferred the Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.
She managed to say, "Mmpff, good. Cost at store? Bllmmpff, haven't seen them. Strawberry."

Emily's Blueberries
There was something odd going on with one of the blueberry chocolates. I was eating them by the handful, thinking, "Blueberries and dark chocolate, how healthy am I. Where are the pork rinds?"
Then I ate one which tasted like my last lip wax.
However, despite radioactive dog drool which had to be scrubbed off Silkwood style, and the feeding frenzy which was last night's Mallard's game, I polished off the last of them without incident when I got home. (The funky animal in question is Rufus, who dragged me around the duck pond like a discarded peanut shell stuck to his fur. More on the mammoth St. Bernard later.)
I would get a pack of the cherry Emily's, and the strawberry is not without its charm. The cranberry? Eh. The chocolate blueberries might be okay on a road trip.
If there were a thin milk chocolate coating on Emily's chocolate-covered fruit, I'd be eating them right now.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Walk On The Wet Side

After The Aftermath

Houses didn't collapse into draining lakes around here, but things weren't quite right with a few objects al fresco.

No WakeA picnic table submerged in water is just what those upstart ducks need. And remember boys and girls, don't eat lunch at Mendota Park in sandals—a Lake Mendota duck will nibble your toes. And now that the picnic tables are a bit moist, you're bait.

Flooded benchIs that where I left the Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream?

Cash the DobieLet's have another look.
Can anyone resist a Doberman in sunglasses?

Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream Cheesecake swimming in raspberry ice cream (swimming in Lake Mendota). Mmm, melty.

Stocked upBack in my freezer you go, prodigal ice cream.

Picnic PointDoes anyone remember where we parked the car?

TadpolesThe parking lot belongs to Them! now.

Mike's Hard tadpolesHas Yo Jimbo been here?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lactose Tolerant

JackieIn case you didn't know: June IS Dairy Month

Testers' Take
Babcock's Grasshopper ice cream wasn't for Jackie, she's not a mint ice cream or bug eater. Grasshopper is still available as a regular flavor according to the Dairy Store's Online Menu, which should be almost completely ignored. You must go there in person, fighting all the over achievers in the lake shore dorms for Badger Camp.

Grasshopper ice creamBug's granny didn't like the School of Medicinnamon either, although she described it as, "A piece of coffee cake in the morning with ice cream on it."
And what, may I ask, is wrong with that? Toss on a hunk of Asiago cheese with a malted on the side and I'm there.
The Double Scotch was too butterscotchy for her, and she wanted her double shot cut with vanilla ice cream.
She thought the Cotton Candy tasted like "ice cold cotton candy," making it sound so good I forgot how much it really sucked.
None of the adults liked the Chocolate Cookie.
Last seen eating: Three scoops of Pineapple Cake ice cream instead of her morning egg. She says it tastes like my mother's cheesecake and a banana split. Both excellent breakfast foods.

Roscoe PineappleKaren Didn't like the Grasshopper, Cotton Candy, or Chocolate Cookie. She found the first two smacked of artificial flavors, claiming Roscoe wouldn't eat the Cotton Candy off the floor. (I've seen him eat cigarette butts out of an ash tray to get to pizza crust.)
The Grasshopper was over mintified and the Chocolate Cookie was just too much, but Karen loved, loved, loved the School of Medicinnamon.

Karen ice creamShe also loved the Pineapple Cake which reminded her of Italian ice, only creamier.
The Double Scotch was just the morning pick-me-up Karen needed when I burst in all adrip with BGH. She even tasted coffee in her double scotch. Good for you, Karen.
Last seen eating: A bowl of Double Scotch.
Bug said, "It's too hot for ice cream."
He did, however, shove an entire roll of blue raspberry bubble gum tape from the Island in his mouth and later come lurking about with an empty bowl ala Oliver Twist.
Kids these days with their Rock Band and their Blu-ray and their bowls of gruel.

Bug cow gumI don't know about you, but we were brought up to eat ice cream for breakfast. Maybe that's why Bill Cosby's Chocolate Cake For Breakfast is so funny to the lactose tolerant crowd.
Last seen eating: Chocolate Cookie ice cream.
MIA: Raspberry Cheesecake

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back From The Dairy Store

Dairy Store labJune is Dairy month and the Dairy Store Ice Cream menu has melted. The June Menu at Babcock was less than descriptive, and they've already mooved on to July. BGH and warm weather? Here's what I took home from the June Menu:

Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate Cookie ice creamIce cream sandwich pieces in chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce
Overkill? Perhaps. It was too rich for the elders, although Vince and Bug seemed to enjoy it.
Two out of five udders

Double Scotch and Cotton Candy
Butterscotch and Cotton Candy FlavorsButterscotch ice cream with butterscotch sauce and spun sugar colored pink then frozen
The Double Scotch was my favorite. Great name, simple concept—butterscotch sauce in butterscotch ice cream. It reminded me of Butter Rum Lifesavers hidden in a sear sucker pocket.
Four-and-a-half udders
half udder

Cotton Candy ice cream effected the weather in the back yard. A front from the steamy morning air and Roscoe's breath met frozen pink sugar, forming a light fog.
I don't think anyone but Jackie (Vince, Bug, and Roscoe's granny) liked the cotton candy, it was too bland and sweet. I'll check the footage and get back to you.
Half an udder
half udder


Dog and GrasshopperLeftover blender drinks from the sixties and ice cream sandwich pieces from the Chocolate Cookie ice cream
I didn't care for it, and Bug was the only one who claimed to like it. I think because of the name.
Half an udder for you, Grasshopper
half udder

Pineapple Cake

KarenPineapple cake flavored ice cream with pineapple pieces
This was the ice cream that drew me to the Dairy Store on a Saturday morning. It was disappointing, missing the citrus bite and large pieces of cake I wanted. Karen and Jackie liked it, will post more from the taste testers later.
Two-and-a-half udders
half udder

Raspberry Cheesecake
Cheesecake ice cream with raspberry twirl and cheese cake hunks
I don't know what it tastes like because someone, Zach, forgot to stack it in the pile with the six other flavors I had him spelunking for. I'll be seeing you soon, Zach.
udder question

The School of Medicinnamon
School of MedicinnamonCinnamon ice cream with praline and caramel swirls
Karen and I loved this premium cinnamon ice cream. Pralines offset the lightly spiced cinnamon; something to snack on while you gorge. Somehow, the swirls of caramel weren't too much. Yum.
Four udders

This menu is dedicated to Sam, Nitro Nanci's Brittany Spaniel, one of the sweetest lap sitting, door-to-door treat scrounging pups to fetch a ball.

Sam w/SuckerWe'll miss ya, boy

Sam photo from Nanci and the Sam Collection