Monday, November 01, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

All the Jack-o-lanterns have been washed down the river (except the ones at my house which have a tendency to rot)

All the scarecrow ghosts have taken their vows (looks like a shot gun wedding)

All the mechanical pink dinosaurs have eaten their fill (I think this one's bulimic)

The witches have haggled their last Farmer's Market eye of newt and the birds are flying south (they're actually flying north, stupid birds)

What are you looking at, toss out the pumpkins and bring on the turkeys (live ones work best)

One final brrraaa hhaaa haaaa until next year.

A Post Script for Mary R. and John I. who's thinking of 50 Ways To Leave Halloween.
⚈Throw Jack in the falls, Paul
⚈Marry the dead, Fred
⚈Eat all the gourds, George
⚈Cast your last spell, Mel
⚈Fly the right way, Jay
⚈No evil eye, Guy
Just listen to me.