Saturday, July 25, 2009

On The Menu: Madtown Munchies

Sivan and Jeremy, UW History Majors and owners of Madtown Munchies

I talked
to these two entrepreneurial college grads about their UW-Madison campus business, Madtown Munchies, and will post their story next week. Good looking, aren't they?
Sivan reminds me of Bianca from AMC (All My Children), you know, Eden Riegel, Imaginary Bitches.
Jeremy started the business in his Madison apartment. Today Madtown Munchies has an office on University Avenue and a warehouse with six freezers. They deliver snacks all night and way past bar time by bicycle, in Wisconsin weather.
Do you know what it's like to ride a bike full of groceries in five feet of snow? I do. Here's a reminder.

Snowbike at Elver ParkOkay, this guy was bike skiing at Elver Park, but you get the idea.

Their slogan: "Like A Booty Call For Food"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oi, Taste Testers (how lazy can I get)

Anyone interested in taste testing some lovely milk chocolate Cranberry Raisinets?

Cranberry RaisinetsYour input will be part of a group post unless someone wants to review the product separately.
I'm liking this More Fun, Less Work thing.

So Far: Chrissy, Lisa, and me. Maybe I'll turn this thing into a Wiki...The Wisconsin Wikidish.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wiener Lab

Oris it a Labrawiener? I'd never seen one before, but it acted like a lab (note the happy tongue).
Can I get a "Sweeet babi?"
The Wiener Lab was one of my favorite things at the art fair last week and would be a great name for a hot dog stand.

Lisa's most excellent post ended The Dish as you knew it.
My new motto: Less effort, more fun.

A BIG thank you to all who posted, let me know if you ever want to do it again.

Postcard winners so far: Andi, Mary Ruth, Bon Bon, Lisa, Heidi
Play Bucket winners: Diamond, Snowflake, Cyndie's second graders
✾ Winners please send me your address if I don't already have it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Famous Wisconsinite Are You?

I find this result somewhat troubling

Facebook Quiz resultThanks to my cousin for a weekend spent thinking about the qualities I share with one of the nation's most notorious serial killers.
Take the test on Facebook and find out What Famous Wisconsinite you are.
Excuse me, got some furniture to make.

First three people to take the test get free postcards courtesy of the Ched Curtain.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guest Blogger Lisa: Is A Trouper


When I hear the word "candy" I come running. I was thrilled to find so many goodies in my mailbox.


I started with the Creatableit was a lot of fun to get to play with my food before eating it. I made a cool bracelet then tried not to bite my own arm while eating it. LOL. They reminded me a lot of strawberry licorice in taste—not bad. The package said that there were several flavors inside, but I really thought they all tasted the same.


Fear Factor
Frog Legs with crunchy candy bones and gooey sugar sauce had me going. I would never eat a bug, this is about as close as I would get. The blood tasted like liquid sucker—very sweet. And it seemed the leg could be chewed forever.


Haden tore into that frog leg. "Super Gross" is right. But if you like a sugar high, I think you’d like these.


While I absolutely loved looking at the ant farm and find it so creative, I did not want to actually eat an ant—remember I’m a no-bugs kinda gal. My son crunched right through it as well, tasted like hard sugar candy and you really didn’t notice the ants at all.


The Wonka Kazoozles were great, similar to the little candies that are like Tootsie Rolls but come in other flavors. Chewing them took me back to my childhood of raiding grandma’s candy dish. As you chewed, the cherry flavoring got a little over the top for me, I wouldn’t mind if they toned it down a bit.


The Box of Boogers had me grossed out just looking at the box. When I opened it to find them all different colors I thought the makers were a little out there. But as I looked at the candy, I thought of all the 10-year-old boys who would love to gross people out by eating the boogers. So I recommend a box for every boy’s Christmas stocking this year.


I convinced myself that they didn’t look too bad, just the name was gross. So I popped one into my mouth to take for a whirl. I took them at their word that they look and feel like the real thing. The more you chew, the gooey, the slimier, and wetter they get—just plain disgusting. My son loved them though.


My older son Mikal thoroughly enjoyed the Snickers. He thought, and I agree, that it tasted like a regular Snickers. It seems the young 20-somethings enjoy the thought they’re getting overdosed on caffeine and revved up to the max. Very tasty chocolate, my favorite kinda candy.


Watermelon sucker? Count me in. I snagged this one before anyone else could. Mine, it’s all mine. Delicious, much better than a Dum Dum, lots of flavor, and the thing’s so huge it will last me the rest of the year. Apparently you can get different lips if you don’t like these. But I think it’s an improvement, don’t you?

Thanks Jeanna for letting me step out of my diet and sample some of the good stuff. I’m always happy to be of service.

➦ Follow Lisa's blog. Buy Lisa's photography.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eat Candy Win Stuff

Cause For Play logo
Itmust be months or even weeks since I've given away candy. Thanks to Nestlé Crunch, it's time once again to see how far small bars of chocolate travel in warm weather.
Giveaway wise, Nestlé is giving away a residential playground set and play buckets like the one pictured below.
They're trying to redirect all that sugar energy into an effort called Cause for Play which includes a playbook for kids working with limited space. It reminds you how to play Red Rover, use colored chalk, and turn a Rock Garden into a Pet Rock Garden. I like that last one.
Backintheday, it was out the door in all weather, be there for lunch, and back outside until dark. The neighborhood was our playground.

Prize bucketThe Prize

To win big, grab Fun Bags (I know some of you are good at that), enter codes, and try to win a playground set and money. Nestlé dontates .25 to KaBoom! for each code you enter. If you win their contest you get a playground set, $3,500, and help choose who receives a community playground worth 30 grand.
If you win my contest you get a plastic bucket. No, really, look at all the stuff you get in there, those kids from the campground will be all over this.
Runners up get a post card promoting the new blog on which I can't get comments to work oh how I hate computers.

Most Amazing Truffles
The Contest
➳ Come up with an original Nestlé Crunch candy bar recipe using food items you'd find around your house

Ex. S'More Leftovers
-Take one Nestlé Crunch candy bar softened in glove compartment
-Scrape from wrapper with leftover fortune cookies from Chiang Jiang
-Place on uneven graham cracker chunks
-Sprinkle with colored mini marshmallows you never used last Christmas
-Melt in microwave or toaster oven, add crumbled fortune cookies


Submit your best kid game or playground story
Mine involves peeing on JoAnn Muldowney.

Winners will be announced in the next few weeks. Contest closes as soon as I get some good recipes or stories.

Play bucket photo and Cause for Play logo courtesy of Nestlé. The
Nestlé playground contest is limited to U.S. residents.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hanging Out In New Glarus

Old doorMosquitoI love New Glarus, you can walk around buildings that look like this without fear of mug or thuggery. There are no more mosquitoes in New Glarus than anywhere else in Wisconsin, but they have been on a tear of late and will be devouring me alive within the hour. There's one on the computer right now.

Disgruntled cowThis is one disgruntled bovine standing in front of Roberts, a great little Swiss gift shop. You have to put up with her dirty looks before stepping inside to peruse cow bells and fondue kits.

There's also a comprehensive collection of Swiss army knives and yodeling cds inside, and the owners' daughter speaks three languages (English, Swiss German, and German).
She can't wait to get the hell out of New Glarus and was last seen waiting on customers barefoot. She has a very impressive knowledge of knives for a maybe not even yet twenty something.
Our last guest blogger is mixing up a batch of sugar in the candy kitchen, so unless anyone else would care to contribute to The Dish before it either goes silent or publishes far less often, we'll just hang out here, James, Mr. Maybe I'll Upload A Video This Month If I Feel Like Posting At All who after six days gets on my ash.

Cow ButtI wasn't even supposed to be writing anything here come July; take a look at the month of "May" why don't you?
Besides, my host says the alias domain won't leave pending status and is slaving on my real domain name so I should remember to use the root folder before I upload a theme which won't work for either another hour or 24.
Do you see why I hate computers?

But I love this building and the sky was really that blue that day. The pool and park are across the street and harbor events such as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog cart pulling parades. I will tell you right now, I am in love with the GSMD.
Flying insects are calling for my ash at the pool, so have a Spotted Cow while waiting for our next and possibly last Guest Blogger, Lisa.

Spotted Cow sign

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hot Ash

Crazy Gold Scarlet SpiderClick here for Hendrix

Yellow Wheel Tree BlazeOr follow this link for the Woodstock video if the clip below doesn't load

Now that's game, Hendrix.

Dandelion GunpowderI moved around a lot during the 15,000 shell show. I don't have an exact shell count for this year (I would if I were getting paid), but 15k has got to be in the ballpark

Smoky Face OrangeThe ballpark is also at Warner

Orange Puff ArmageddonMany of these shots were taken near or leaning over a safety fence

Smoky Golden Sparkle BurstThey set the fireworks off on an island across from the park shelter

Exorcist AshfallI'm not happy unless I feel hot ash on my face

Sparkly Gold  Waterfall That's hot ash, James

Scarlet Tempest StreakRemember, there's no zoom to speak of on my over taxed point and shoot

Twirly Green and Pink Smoke VeinJust the lens it came with, which was not known for its zoom...let's unplug it from the charger

Italian Sea UrchinIt says 7.2 - 2.8 mm 1:2.0 - 3.0 (riveting color commentary, isn't it)
I think that means if you want a photo of Jermaine Dye in the visitor's dugout at Miller Park, you're schlepping past crunchy old farts, season ticket holders, and incommodious FIBs to get the shot

Tricky GoblinAnd speaking of shot, whether you're a Tricky Goblin

Chemical Effectsor a Chemical Effect

Stay, boyNative

Martian or Visitor

Star Trek AftermathHappy Independence Day

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wake The Neighbors

One of the neighbors is the Governor of Wisconsin

Here's the direct link if the video doesn't load.