Thursday, January 19, 2012

White Hot Red Hots Jelly Beans

I kept thinking of Jefferson Airplane's Wooden Ships ("You must try some of my purple berries...") when I was shooting and eating these because I think my fingers were turning violet. You can see than even the candy was getting cold.
 Ferrara Pan's White Hot Red Hots Jelly Beans puts the same coat on a new product, and it works. That's an accomplishment that many repurposing candies can't manage.
The red hot taste is there, but it's not as annoying as some of the other hard candy which goes soft, like Life Savers Gummies or even Chewy Lemonheads.
"I been eating them for six or seven weeks now." Or could.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Crumby Gummi Valentine

I could not eat them with popped corn.
I could not eat them with a Gorn.
I could not eat them in a car.
I could not eat them in a bar.
I do not like two out of three.
I do not them, let me be.

Valentine Jujyfruits had a fun idea when they put Raspberry (red), Cherry, (pink), and Strawberry (white) into one box for Valentine's Day. But the fun stopped there as my beloved Jujyfruits became a good example of how the same ol' same ol' with a bit of seasonal packaging is not always lame.
The white strawberry was the worst, the pink cherry passable...or was it the red raspberry—please don't make me eat anymore to check.
One sickly taste is distinguishable from another, but not in a good way. It's especially disappointing when you see how well Starbursts Fave Reds (strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry) turned out.
Before I continue, I have to remind you that I LOVE Jujyfruits, they are one of my favorite candies in the most esteemed field of gummi.
Maybe if the Valentine's theme had a daring butter cream or a harmless vanilla flavoring for white or did a cherry with vanilla ice cream thing, I don't know, but these flavors did not work for me.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Heavy Hearts

Sweetarts Hearts Gummies smell as good in the package as Junior Mints do in the box,
but the tangy aroma permeates the plastic bag and stays longer than stink on a dog (in a good way). (If there is a good way for stink to stay on a dog.)
What struck me about the weighty gummies was how well they kept on a road trip and how, when trying to chew the formidable pieces, they could change into any flavor your, wait for it, heart desires.
I guess they're tart pink and purple flavor. I pretended the purple was sugar plumb.
Didn't care for them at first, and found the  hearts too heavy—haand bland, but you only need a few to satisfy a sugar cravingsome of you—and they do not go stale easily, if at all, no matter how long you leave them forgotten in a bag somewhere after a photo shoot.
It surprised me when I started to think how good one would taste if only I could remember where I left them. The substantial pieces blend tart and sweet in an underwhelming, subtle way, seem indestructible, and present a pretty, fragrant gummi bouquet.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Have A Heart

Sometimes I think mainstream candy isn't  really trying to come up with new holiday twists. When I started buying Valentine's Day candy last November, my camera bag was stuffed with Valentine Jujyfruits, Sweetarts Hearts Gummies, and Heart Shaped Junior Mints.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
And speaking of Seinfeld, is it a coincidence that two out of three of those candies are featured in Seinfeld episode where someone's in the hospital?
Although the chocolate is still amicably dark, some of the peppermint glops are red, and the pieces are significantly larger than classic Junior Mints. The hefty hearts goo over generously and linger on your taste buds a trickle longer too. I love how easily you can melt each heart with your tongue.
The oft forgotten (by me) Junior Mints may have a more imaginative and delicious holiday offspring in Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch, but the classically cool flavor and pleasant weight of each heart is a happy Valentine's Day nosh.