Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lisa Returns For More


I happily tried Nestlé Cranberry Raisinets for the first time. I was a little unsure of this cran-raisin thing, but chocolate makes everything good, right?
To be honest, I do not like raisins covered in chocolate and I expected these would be the same, or nearly. I was very surprised that they were good.
The cranberry offered a nice little tang into the creamy chocolate and it was easy to gobble up the entire package. But at 100 calories, it’s a healthy snack, right?


The Gummy Earthworms had me puzzled momentarily. I wondered why there was only one to each package—then I decided it must be to keep them from breeding and exploding all over the place.


I tried to feed it to my new found friend. But the little guy wasn’t fooled one bit. So I pretended to be a bird and chewed it up myself — my son would not pretend to be a baby bird. Oh well, although it may be a little weird to be eating a worm, it tasted like most gummy candies, pure chewy sugar. Maybe I should pick up a few for the next time I feel like telling someone to leave me alone and go eat a worm.


I’m a big fan of strawberry flavored hard candy so I eagerly ripped into the Harry Potter Blood Pops. Since there’s five in the package I shared one with Haden and my grandson, Tristan.


Tristan’s parents were actually out seeing the newest Harry Potter while we were enjoying our treat. When I saw all the red on his face I got a little concerned, I feared his parents were going to be angry.


But, the greatest thing happened, as soon as he played in the sprinkler a little, the red vanished. No soap needed, it easily washed away and by the time they returned there was no evidence. Now, if I could just get it off my keyboard—jk!


Adrianna felt a little left out since we didn’t share anything with her. She wonders if any baby candy exists, lol.

Chrissy's Canadian Corner: Cranberry Raisinets

from Wisconsin, it's four different flavours of Pixy Stix, Harry Potter Drooble's Best Blowing Gum (turns your mouth blue), and *Craisinets.
When Jeanna asked who would like to review Cranberry Raisinets, I jumped at the opportunity. Who am I to refuse chocolate?

Little One and Raisinets
I almost didn't get my hands on them since Little One's pudgy little baby hands went straight for the package of milk chocolate covered cranberries.
Ooh, I had to rescue the lovely drool soaked packet.
First of all, I LOVE cranberries. I love Craisins®. I love chocolate as long as it's not too sweet and not too much. Cranberries + Chocolate = a match made in heaven, right?

100 Calorie Pack Cran RaisinetsWell the Raisinets sort of survived the trip across the border. They were pretty much in tact, but looked like bunny droppings by the time they arrived at my house.

Cran Raisinets Close UpHere's a close up for your viewing enjoyment.
See, they really do look like bunny poop. Hubby claims they look like deer droppings. Either way, don't let their appearance fool you.

Bite of RaisinetBrought to you by the famous Nestlé company are these tiny bundles of goodness.
I remember as a kid we'd get Nestlé Raisinets as a treat once in a while. I think my grandparents and mom would trick us into thinking we were having the real thing. I think most of the time they just got chocolate covered raisins from the Bulk Barn.
Anyway, chocolate or yogurt covered raisins were always a favourite of mine.
While I generally like Nestlé products, these weren't on the top of my list. The chocolate was good, but not stellar, and the cranberries were just okay.
Perhaps I've been a bit spoiled by having our local chocolatier, The Manitoulin Chocolate Works, so close by.
I have a confession, I am a chocolate snob. The Cranberry Raisinets get 3 out of 5 stars for me. Am I being too harsh?
Can't wait to test out the Harry Potter Drooble's gum, it's cotton candy bubble gum. The package claims that it turns your mouth blue.

*The Dish understands that Craisins® are trademarked by Ocean Spray. You'll have to forgive Chrissy, she's Canadian.

They're Called What Now?

Cranberry Raisinets PackYoumight not know you're eating Cranberry Raisinets if you didn't see the package, but if you like the originals, you'll like these. If you're discerning about your bean, remember you're still eating Nestlé milk chocolate, and it seems extra thick wrapped around these cranberries.
I crave original Raisinets from time to time, and the press release says they've been around for over 80 years. I'm guessing they'll be around for plenty more, but I can't say the same for Cranberry Raisinets. That could be because I ate them out of the fridge and prefer this kind of snack room temp or melty.

Pile of Cranberry Raisinets
I should have eaten them after taking this photo, and the whole thing makes me rethink my original reaction to the suggestion of mixing them with popcorn, which was "Blech."

The beauty of hot buttered popcorn mixed with candy is not only the combination of sugar and salt, but the way the hot corn melts whatever its being blended with. This is a major reason to just say "Yes!" to Milk Duds and popcorn, although the reaction does nothing for Jujy Fruits, Dots, or Sour Patch Kids.

I'm BackIn defense of the Cranberry Raisinets, everyone who grabbed some at the last Duck Creek taste testing loved them. My Aunt Em raved about them and the few kids who got a taste liked them too. (Surprisingly they do not like everything.)
The larger pieces are better because you get more cranberry and there's that pleasant cranberry skin consistency under all the chocolate.
I'd like to see larger, thinly coated cranberries.
Cranberry Raisinets were available nationwide in July and come in 5.5 oz and 23 g 100 Calorie Packs (pictured).

Monday, August 03, 2009

We Have A Winner

Actually we have three winners, and photos from one.

Diamondwanted everyone to know she followed the Eat Candy Win Stuff (and go out and play) contest rules, and only used things she found in her kitchen to make the following recipe:

Taco CrunchChopped Onions, Tomatoes, and Cheese with Nestlé Crunch candy bars. Can be eaten together or separately on a plate. Yum.

Although chocolate cheese is not so uncommon around here, Diamond's recipe does sound like something from the Rachel cooks episode of Friends.

Justin and DiamondTo make her the perfect winner, Diamond is very active and loves to play. Although Barbies is her favorite, playing with her little brother, swimming, and building elaborate sand structures with the Duck Creek kids are high on her list of things to do.

Milk Chocolate Cranberry RaisinetesBrooke and Aunt Em scarfed up most of the Cranberry Raisinets

Thanks to Nestlé for the Cause for Play toy sets.

Up next: More Madtown Munchies, Nestlé Cranberry Raisinetes, and a Duck Creek candy panel.
Everyone fought over the new Raisinets and those who got some, mostly Aunt Em and Brooke, loved them. They're good, yes they are.