Friday, June 24, 2016

Couch Pawtatoes

Things have been crazy and lazy

Walkie Overload

Not getting off the couch any time soon

Baby Roscoe on My Shoes

Sassy the Dodgers fan. Roscoe (int eh background) is an old guy now

Roscoe The Canine King

I've been eating less sugar with some exceptions which I'll post here. I've made up for it in dogs and walkies.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of an end of days turkey, mmm, apocalypse turkey. They are EVERYwhere . Maybe it's a city-wide promo, maybe they're positioning themselves as our supreme overlords. There are five of them who have "packed up" as my dad liked to say, and roam the mean streets of the eastside. I haven't run into them yet, but fully expect to see them wearing Purgolder team jackets if I do.

This little b*stard is one of the many, MANY arboretum turkeys that saunter about the place. [Insert why did the turkey cross the road joke here.]

If you're sick of reading this nonsense, please READ THE CHED CURTAIN, same attitude, less sugar.