Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I've Always Been Partial to Gingers

It's been a tough year and a tough holiday season and now it's time for cookies.
I love that you can find both packaged and from scratch ingredients on sale after the holidays and it's worth a peek in the baking aisles and end cap displays.

Don't hate me because I'm ugly

I had a leftover package of Gingerbread cookie mix and was delighted with the results. Not only did it transform the place into an aromatic paradise but it got me back into cookie making mode. It's a good reminder that mixes only save you the effort of sifting together dry ingredients and hey, you can do that yourself.
I believe this was a Betty Crocker cookie mix which seems to be the most common of the pouch mixes. It was around $2 bucks at the grocery store although the same 17.5 oz pouch costs $13.79 on Amazon. You've really got to watch out for them.

Never had a batch of cookies gotten eaten so quickly and shared with so few

I even got to use some multi-colored sugar I wanted to try. No pictures of the results because at that point the smell was driving me insane and eleaving the house to deliver a few of the devil cookies didn't make them any less tempting when I got back. I swear I can smell them from this photo. And they smell goooood. But as you might expect regular the regular white sugar I used at first looked best.
On that note, here is a handy guide to sugar from Jamie at My Baking Addiction.