Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sugar Buzz: Bunny Apples

buzz beeYeah, I know Easter was a week ago, but when I saw these Bunny Apples on flickr, I had to share.
Elizabeth, aka flickrer rocketcandy, says the apples were coated with white frosting and marshmallows. Note the caramel topping with dark chocolate bunnies on the right.
I think they were made somewhere on Robson Street in Vancouver.

bunny makerEaster Apple photo by rocketcandy


  1. cookielady2:19 PM

    Is that marshmallow frosting?

  2. candjones@yahoo.com10:46 PM

    Could be, Elizabeth just said white frosting. Do you ever use marshmallow frosting Cookielady?

  3. cookielady11:23 AM

    I have used marshmallow frosting before. It's not something I would normally use on cookies.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout on Eating Out Loud. I'm looking forward to following this one too.

  5. Bacon toffee and bbq peeps. Is it something in the air?

  6. Tracey2:16 AM

    Man they look awesome!!


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