Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sport Beans

If you believe what you read on the Web, bikers, runners, and skaters talk about Jelly Belly Sport Beans as if they're the second coming of Gatorade. The beans are meant as convenient energy boosters rather than candy, even though they were introduced at the 2005 All Candy Expo.
According to an article on Red Orbit, flavor is their "top priority." The Lemon Lime flavor we tried can best be described as "eh." They also come in Fruit Punch, Berry Blue, and Orange.
Maybe you have to be a marathon althlete to appreciate these bland beans, but guest reviewer and scorchin' little leaguer, Bug, wasn't impressed.
In all fairness, we only tried the Lemon Lime, but no beanstalk here. You'd think kids would be a natural market for the makers of Bernie Bott's.


  1. this video is absurd those beans are great. They taste just like lemon-lime Gatorade. I haven't yet tested its given energy, but it tastes great and is very refreshing, this video is absurd and should be abolished indefinitely!!!!

  2. Hey Vincenzo, if that is your real name, you wouldn't even have been able to snarf those leftover beans if we hadn't abadoned them.


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