Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sugar Buzz: Twee & Luliloo Mooves On

bee buzzAfter only three years on upper State, the Hammond sisters are closing shop in search of greener pastures.
I'd interviewed the newly minted entrepreuers just after they opened in 2004, and was heartbroken to see them sweeping up the dusty remains of their broken dreams yesterday afternoon. Okay, that's a bit much, but I hate to see another local business uprooted, especially after the evil empire across the street scattered the likes of Dotty Dumplings to the wind, aka N. Frances.
T & L was empty except for a few wooden barrels of salt water taffy and hard candy, with the odd unsold box cowering near the window. The glass counter that once held expensive chocolate was barren, and the fat jars that lined the wall with festive bulk candy were gone forever. I got all verklempt when I saw that naked wall.
Aside from Candinas, which moved somewhere on the square near the old Badger Candy Kitchen, there's a gaping sugar hole downtown. Wait, that doesn't sound right.
Where are the Badger Candy Kitchens, Karamel Krisps, Moon Fun Shops, King's and their incomprable deep fried Pizza Frenchies?
Nice try Twee & Luliloo, we barely knew ye.

parade cow


  1. sad how the small candy shops are closing up. :( I wish I had one near me.

  2. It is sad. Maybe they weren't meant to be. Not really mom and pop, not quite upscale, and the store front got sucked into the background. Maybe they'll do better in Colorado.


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