Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Day Candy Cane Review: Sour Patch Kids

First real snow of the season
Everyyear I'm on the look out for tree worthy candy canes and every year the mass market disappoints. I thought it was back to classic peppermint, Heshey's Chocolate Mint, or hand dipped canes (all fine choices), until I discovered that Sour Patch Kids had thrown their gummis into the ring.
The Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company could have easily produced another too sweet, generically bland cane vaguely reminiscent of it's original brand flavor, but no.

Sour Patch Kids Candy CanesSour Patch Kids Candy Canes are as close to the original flavor as you can get in a cane, just the right amount of sweet, tart, and chew. They're aromatic, have four distinct flavors—Redberry, Lime, Lemon, Orange—and sparkle with sour powder. I think the glistening substance helps make them chewy (if you masticate it like someone with good dental insurance).
I was surprised to see they're out of stock on some Web sites (don't worry, you can look here among other places), but Walgreens has them. Walgreens has everything, don't they?
Looking for a candy cane good enough to tie to a present or serve with a plate of cookies (if that sounds like overkill you're reading the wrong blog) has always been a challenge, especially when you love black licorice and eschew the artificial cherry flavoring imposed upon so many canes. That makes the Sour Patch Kids cane especially sweet.

Dr. McGillicuddy's schnapps
Some Canes That Didn't Make The Cut: Dum Dum, Sour Punch (although I haven't tried all the Spangler brands and am intrigued by their Cinnabon cane) and Life Savers; anything cherry flavored.
The candy cane photo above is from last week, here's what it looks like today.
Annoyingly High Pitched Note: It's not that I'm ignoring you, or that you can prove that I am, but my other blog is less fattening and I've had to play catch up. So now that I'm caught up, relax, let it snow. Does anyone know if they make a McGillicuddy's candy cane?
Final Note: I don't recommend Sour Patch Kids Candy Canes and Dr. McGillicuddy's, although a classic hot cocoa and schnapps can still tolerate a peppermint cane.

I Guess That Wasn't The Final Note Note: Did anyone notice that Barbara Walters was welcomed into the White House with open and well toned arms, but couldn't get an interview with Brett Favre for her 10 Most Fascinating People?


  1. What a cool post!!! I must say that the Sour Patch Kids canes have piqued my curiosity!

    Mmmmmm...Baking cookies and sipping on Schnapps!! Why didn't I think of that!?

  2. I have gotten into a LOT of trouble baking gingerbread cookies and drinking dark rum.
    How long do your baked goods last? I'm never sure when it's too early to start.
    Let's see those snow photos, woman.

  3. Working on the snow photos for you...but first, I'll have to find my way out of the house! That's right! We just got a huge dumping of snow. HUGE! We had to dig my vehicle out from under snow so I could take Little One to a birthday party. Fun. Not like she'll remember going. She's only a year old!!

    Not sure how long my baked goods last. I either make them closer to Christmas or if I make them in advance, I freeze them! LOL!

    Wish you were closer. I'd be headed to yours with a basket of Christmas goodies...and to partake in some of that classic hot cocoa and Schnapps with you.

  4. Can't wait to see them. It calmed down here a bit, but that drizzling rain makes even holding on to railings a bad idea. And wool covered mittens on ice covered metal is not a good combination.
    Snow banks and cold skanks and ice covered does that go?
    Dang women, can't Farmer John build you a car port?
    You're right about freezing, if I had more confidence doing that, that would be the answer.


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