Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Enough To Eat

That's a weird and possibly disfunctional little saying when you think about it.
If you can't eat it, it's not good enough?
Well, maybe, take that fine art, monster truck rallies, and the second Golden Age of Television.
It's a saying I grew up with, but never thought much about until my cousin Jackie, craft master and Dish Taste Tester, reminisced about the Candy Christmas Trees she used to make while her grandkids were growing up.

"It looks good enough to eat."
--Several Members of My Family

I needed a project for a video class I was taking in a van down by the river, and Jackie seemed happy to resurrect the ritual while taking an assist with the tree.
We never got to Final Cut Pro voice overs in this class (or lighting or tripods or stabilzers or uploading video or how to use the software or figuring out who was in or teaching the class) so I threw it against the wall to see what stuck--now I'm hungry for pasta--and here it is.
Making A Candy Christmas Tree
with Jackie, Phil2, Bob & Jeanna


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! This looks like a fun idea! And I love Bob! lol

  2. Thanks, Lisa, and you too! Bob is a little devil, but such a cutie. For a drop kick dog that is, lol.

  3. Lordy girlie!!! When you do something, you do it right!!!
    Wowza....That's some PROFESSIONAL work there with your video editing/production skills!
    Happy New Year to ya!!!!!

  4. Thanks, James. Jackie (and Bob) helped.
    A real bear to edit.
    Happy New Year to you, bet the wine cellar is empty by now, lol.


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