Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dots Peach Sour Slices

At some point I started putting Dots in my movie popcorn instead of Jujyfruits. I was no longer a child but had no intention of putting away childish things. Along with my cousin, I'd chuck green Jujyfruits at the screen when the movie got as bad as the gag inducing mint flavor. Yes, back then they were mint. Horrid little things. I mean the green Jujyfruits, not us, but either way.
The rest of the box was great, one of my favorite candies to this day, but at some point during the movie frenzied 70s and 80s we decided to broaden our movie candy horizons and try Dots. Not an ugly mint drop in the box.
According to the Tootsie website, Dots flavors hadn't changed from 1945 to 2003 when Tropical Dots were introduced. I remember having fun with Dots Elements in 2008, although I only found three of the flavors and have yet to taste Earth. Tasting Earth, that would make a great name for a band. I'm pretty sure I saw them at Shopko recently, will take a look.
Everyone loved the Yogurt Dots we tried at a La Crosse game that same year and both brands took a lovely photo.
This will be my first taste of actual candy in almost three weeks, so be gentle.
The first bite of Dots Sour Peach Slices was sour indeed, and immediately followed by an infusion of peach that reminded me of fruit pie. The sour sugar coating stayed on my lips and made me want more.
The second bite wasn't as good as the first, with a little artificial flavor coming through and the last taste on your tongue and lips a bit too sour. Since I'm only allowing myself the one Dot, my impression might be different if I ate more, but I suspect the Sour Slices are too sour and only become more so the deeper you dig.
 Nice try, good fruit flavor choice, but I'd like to see a nice juicy peach Dot without the sour coating. They also come in Watermelon and Grapefruit, but I don't know why either would taste better.


  1. But I like to eat spam (probably those Hawaiian roots, I needs me a dye job). I vote for Wisconsin Randy Dish. :)

  2. I was also thinking Wisconsin Candy Bites, but that cud be taken the wrong way.
    What, is Spam a Hawaiian thing?

  3. If my name was Randy I'd change it right now.

  4. my spit glands were on overdrive reading this.

    and yes, hawaiians are ga-ga over spam. i think it got popular during the war, but don't quote me on that. really, what do i know...

  5. I did not know that, BB. Yeah, tho', it was too sour.

  6. I have six cans of spam in my cupboard. And a cookbook

    (it even includes sardines!)

  7. ...and a link, lol.
    You crrraaccck me up, Jodi woman. Isn't the whole point of spam not to cook?


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