Tuesday, February 12, 2019

We're Not Paying You To Eat Our Ice Cream Repost

But somebody should.

They added a clause at the bottom saying  0˚ is free but you can't make money if it's negative 12. If?

Quick Recap
Polar Vortex, -61˚F windchill although I can only testify to -48 and absorbing fun facts while getting Overlook Hotel scale cabin fever. Did you know the average temperature on Mars is -80 and base camp on Mt. Everest was a balmy -30˚F?

My cousin Nanci with Saturday's menu

And my car died in underground parking. One week later I still can't get AAA out here. I will only say one thing about AAA because I really want to talk about ice cream. AAA can &*%! my •¶§∞ing £™¢∞ with a cherry on top.

This town has a lot better ice cream than pizza

Meanwhile, we've had three warm days, the first of which unless you count 17˚ above as warm and some do was Saturday. On Saturday we saw some guy get out of his truck on Monroe Street in a tank top. It was 38˚, we were eating ice cream.

We were eating because it was Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. The Chocolate Shoppe didn't have any of that Siciliano fare mentioned here, but they did have a Breakfast Monster Shake which I got, an Ice Cream Donut Sandwich with donuts from the Greenbush Bakery, stuff made with Lucky Charms, Waffle Sundaes and juice. Yes, juice. They also stitched together The Breakfast Monster Shake, pictured below.

Hi, my name is Michayla and I can not be held responsible for anything that happens after you make this purchase

There was only one (very sweet) kid working and a line formed right after I ordered this crime against nature. My cousin tried to keep a Wisconsin theme by ordering a waffle sundae with Door County Cherry and Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream (Mackinac Island is in Michigan). It seemed to melt quickly, see the last photo.

I got looks because I chose vanilla ice cream. Welcome to Wisconsin

And then Michayla was off making 1, 2, 3 more of these sugar coma death shakes.

"Down here, down here. Hey, look, our glasses are coated in chocolate with Jimmies."

I pictured the Monster Breakfast Shakes trying to get these two off their phones. 

Nanci put away her phone and drank her brunch like a good girl (sounds like high school)

One more fun fact, I think I got sick from the romaine lettuce and spinach salad I had for dinner but I was fine with the Lucky Charms vanilla ice cream and chocolate banana Breakfast Monster Shake I had for brunch.

I'm posting over at Behind The Cheddar Curtain now but this Ice Cream For Breakfast post got such a good response I thought I'd share it here too.
If you're looking for some foody fun or cheddar flavored frivolity please check out The Ched Curtain, where we've been eating chocolate cheese since 2016. 

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