Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chocolate Pop Rocks

Pop RocksFirst Cola Pez and now Chocolate Pop Rocks.
Life is good.
I thought I was just at the video store to find the fourth season of Oz, but was instead destined to find a pack of Limited Edition Rich Milk Chocolate Pop Rocks With A Kick lying on the counter.
And yes to all of that. They're Rich. Milk. Chocolate. With A Kick. Don't know how limited they are, but I'm stocking up.
There are still tiny Pop Rock voices in my head after downing a pouch five minutes ago. It's like swimming in cold water for two hours, or maybe just the first signs of insanity.
There's a thick, almost powdery texture to the Cocoa Krispie look-a-likes. It reminds me of really good cheese popcorn. The chocolate is soft and melty. The coating is as rich and generous as you can get on a speck of candy the size of glitter.
I haven't noticed Chocolate Pop Rocks any place else in the so-called real world, but then again I haven't been looking. A few places to buy them online are at Groovy Candies (speaking of Willy St.), Blair Candy, and candyfavorites.com.


  1. couch potato4:54 PM

    I love the chocolate pop rocks. You can find candy you don't see anywhere else at the video store. Have you tried the candy cane pop rocks?

  2. I've seen the Candy Cane rocks and a whole shelf of other flavors at Family Video in Middleton. I think the Cane and Chocolate would be good together.


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