Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sugar Buzz: Love Me Reese's

sugar beeI think my girls look a little "buzzed" in this old photoDempsey girls from the old Stevens restaurant. And I don't remember Elvis eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich in that painting. Someone has been up to mischief.
Here is the Buzz: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are adding a limited edition peanut butter and banana cup based on the famous Elvis snack. It will drop as the kids say, sometime around the 30th anniversary of his death, August 16.
Maybe you already knew that, but it came up in a lovely conversation I had with Debbie Maley from Debbie's Sweets 'n Treats this morning.
Their website got the once over, and she took time out for a chat. Her hubby Mark is sending photos, and we'll soon tell you what's new in Oak Creek.


  1. too high4:07 PM

    How about a deep fried Reese's chunky peanut butter and banana cup wrapped in bacon?

  2. First off, yes, you are.
    And secondly, gross.
    Leave off the greasy pork wrap, and you might have something there.


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