Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cocoa Deli Popsicles

According to the Cocoa Deli website these killer lollies have been out and about in the UK for almost two years. I hadn't seen them until last month when I rescued one of each flavor from a Middleton Walgreens.

Wrapped Cocoa Delis
"What, Belgian chocolate truffles shaped like popsicles," I asked no one in particular.
Cocoa bean pieces in a lush chocolate truffle give the Milk Chocolate Fudge Popsicle a snap. Cocoa lingers warmly on your tongue long after you've sucked the final remnants of chocolate through small holes at the top of the plastic stick. Although filled with the same amount of truffle as the white chocolate raspberry, the wall of Belgian milk chocolate on this popsicle doesn't overwhelm.
The Caramel Crunch Truffle tastes even richer when eaten at room temperature. The whole thing was so sweet I had to drink a glass of water in order to forge on. I found the butter toffee and cocoa cookie pieces overkill—like lighting a shot of 151 on fire. The caramel truffle is flanked by milk chocolate and lacks the savory cocoa afterburn of the milk chocolate fudge flavor.

Unwraped Cocoa Deli Popsicles
The White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle was the only popsicle that melted at room temperature. The pink berry filling burst through a hole of melted chocolate, making it easier to lick off and separate from the nasty white chocolate. No reflection on Cocoa Deli, I'm just not a fan. The ambrosial raspberry truffle is made with dried and concentrated raspberries.
In Sum
The popsicle presentation might be whimsical enough for kids, but the taste may be too rich for some adults. Leave it to the Brits to make the 1.6 oz Belgian Chocolate Caramel Crunch Truffle Popsicle. It took three sittings and a Big Gulp full of water to knock off the Caramel Crunch.
Cocoa Deli Chocolate Truffle Popsicles, like the Big Gulp, should not be taken lightly.


  1. Ooh, I've gotta try these! Very cute.

  2. Beware, these things are rich!

  3. What about that locker full of white chocolate bark you "sampled" in grade school?

  4. These are so good, and you're right super rich!

  5. The only one I couldn't handle was the Caramel Crunch Truffle. I dream about the raspberry truffle.

  6. I had to go to confession for that chocolate bark.


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