Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Badger Claw Revisited

I sent the girls on a short errand to Baraboo yesterday before all this heat. They lollygagged to no end, but came back with the goods and the answer to my Badger Claw question. It is made by the Baraboo Candy Company. Mystery solved.

New Badger Claw Packaging
That sweet man Ralph Pierce answered our Cow Pie questions even though he does double duty between Boo Candy and his own store, Gem City Candy (along with his lovely wife Joan). He also fished out this pretty new Badger Claw box which will soon be available in the Madison area.
The Baraboo Town Square, where you'll find Gem City, is the loveliest of places, and of course the Pierces make their own fudge. (I believe they'll throw you in the pokey for not making your own fudge west of Sauk City.)
Apologies to BufaloGirl for the lack of posts. We were up a lazy river as often happens in the summer months. And thank you to Mar der hey for including us on her blog roll.
Please enjoy these scrolling lyrics.


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  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I've been up a lazy river myself, Clem.


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