Monday, October 29, 2007

From The Mailbag: Gollum Boy

Twin City SWATAnswers to Questions From The Mailbag:
I meant the kid to the upper left in the photo, he was sitting on the ledge near the exit for outdoor seating at State Street Brats. Busing tables, pretty spry, and quite polite.
Let's hear it for the Minneapolis SWAT team. Way to loosen up with bottles of Corona, boys. At least you weren't drinking Corona Light. (The cute cop on the left reminds me of my godson.) Here's what the real MPD look like.
Unfortunately my Reno 911 and Hot Fuzz photos didn't turn out.
I don't know if I will be going out for Halloween this week to take more photos. I'm sure there'll be something going on, but nothing like the night before and day of Freakfest.
My favs were The Cat Lady from The Simpsons and the incredibley odd Tree Gnomes. Oh, and the Dick In The Boxes.
All my photos from The Night Before Freakfest are up now.


  1. I totally enjoyed your flickr! Thanks for the memories and more. The smurfs...they had to be thirtysomethings posing as young and hip. LOVE the red eye!

  2. Thanks Ms. M.,
    There are more older folks down there every year on a Friday. This time there were grandparents and kids because of Homecoming. We got a few remarks last year about how they felt they were partying with their parents.

  3. ...the red hats were to die for. :)

  4. I guess gnome wear is in this season. How'd that happen.


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