Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Toffee Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix

mug of cocoaBurning your tongue on a large mug of Toffee Caramel Hot Chocolate is a great way to wind down the Halloween season while watching Carrie and remembering how you screamed the first time you saw that Oscar winning hand grab Amy Irving.
This way-too-sweet drink comes from Pelican Bay LTD courtesy of the World Market, now in Middleton's Greenway Station—is it a shopping center, is it a railroad station?
The mix is wrapped up as an ice cream cone (full of dark and white chocolate, marshmallows, milk powder, nuts, and toffee). They call it a "snow cone," I call it compensation for not being able to trick orhot cocoa treat without snide remarks.
One thing you may not remember from year to year is that the marshmallows and whatever other sugary bits of excess you want to toss in your Wizard of Oz cocoa mug should be consumed as a solid. It's a texture thing. You get to make more of a gooey mess that way, it tastes so very much better, and becomes almost unbearably sweet if you let it blend into a tepid brown liquid. And like the Wicked Witch, hot cocoa topping melts quickly, especially when slurped near a fireplace or castle torch.
As much as I like the idea of a piping hot chocolate sundae with nuts in a mug, there's no beating this Candy Lover's Hot Chocolate recipe from Scharffen Berger.

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  1. cookie lady5:34 AM

    You'll never get a cookie into that mess.


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