Saturday, November 08, 2008


As part of a tribute to gluttony I'll be trying random pies and picking the best one for Thanksgiving. Although my sister will say bringing dessert is "Completely unnecessary we have far too many sweets in this house already and everyone is on a diet we all need to lose weight, blah, blah, SHUTUP, blah."
And if I don't bring anything my mother will search the house like a pig on a truffle hunt.
For your consideration:

Pumpkin pie Pumpkin Pie From the Hubbard Avenue Diner

Did you know they make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip pie in October?
This pie was purchased on a whim after tucking into a stack of questionable pancakes. By which I mean Buckwheat Zucchini German Potato and Onion with a side of sour cream and cranberry dressing.
Do not put syrup on that.
One thing I'll say about the Hubbard Avenue Diner, no matter what I'm compelled to order, they'll do a fine job of making it. The side water is delivered cold and quickly with plenty of ice in a clean red glass, and the tea water stays hot in the ceramic mug. Tell me what this hot water container is called and win a prize.

Tea water(Photo taken with my new (i.e. free) phone. Can you tell. I know you can.)
Back to pie. The crust is secondary, which is good, because it doesn't force me to eat filling only, treating ill conceived crusts like discarded mollusc shells.
Let's see a side view.

Pumpkin pie side viewThis is a substantial pie, smacking of something sweet, sticky, and savory. It didn't need that dollop of whipped cream, no it did not. See how thin the crust is? Not under or over baked, the crust was neither a detraction or distraction, rather the set up man to the filling's punchline.


On another front, the after Halloween please quit putting racks of this stuff in front of me front, here's one of my favorite packs of sale candy.

Halloween candyIt's called the Scare n' Share Mix and is a life threatening 24.17 ounces of sugar brought to you by The Hershey Company.
The Scary Sugar Coma Fun Pack contains Whoppers (note the 8% calcium), Reese's Whipps, Jolly Rancher Lollipops, Kit Kats, Resse's Peanut Butter Cups, and Hershey's Take 5 Bars.
I was surprisingly taken by the chocolate covered jumble of nuts, pretzels, caramel, and peanut butter of the Take 5, a concoction I swear I once fried on my dorm room burger maker in the seventies.
Finally, the winner of the Most Popular Costume poll is me. You bunch of leakers. But why even try when the answer has been and apparently will continue to be:
See, now, this is just fine.

Aaron RodgersDo you not love the devil woman (note the picture of her kid) eyeballing Aaron Rodgers. Check out that butt, girlfriend, and thank you for keeping your clothes on.
Now if A-Rodg showed up on game day dressed like that, I'd be a fan.
More Halloween photos are up here. I said Leftovers, okay. And there will be more. Yea. Maybe I'll be done by Thanksgiving.


  1. lol--I had to laugh. Not at the pie, which was nice and dark looking (molasses, maybe?) but at the candy. I have six of the big multi-bags, and about twelve smaller bags tucked in my umbrella stand. That's three feet of tooth decay brought to you courtesy of the Hershey company. (and the .94cent special at Wal-mart)

  2. oh my that Pie looked good! Why the devil is it sat amongst leaves though?? Have to agree with you about the TAKE5 ... the milk chocolate version is pretty damn good! Avoid the white/peanut butter variants like the plague though! Horrible!


  3. The crust looks too thin on the pie to me. :) But your brand of pancakes sounds interesting, and I can see why you would want no syrup.

  4. Hi Jodi, those bags of candy are like tribbles. Twelve bags? Your umbrella stand--where will you put your cases of Amp?
    I paid 8 bucks at the gas station on a candy fit the other day and .94 for a large bag of Red Hot mini packs.
    Go figure.
    Six mulit-bags, color me impressed and full of sugar.

  5. Hi Jim, that's just me getting all creative and indicative of the weather and such. I was surprised at the Take 5, but like I said, I think I invented it in college at about 3 am in the seventies.
    I avoid white chocolate pretty much anyway.

  6. Hi Lisa, that's what I would have thought years ago before one too many lousy crusts.
    Rarely do I find a pie crust that's crisp and baked to perfection. For some reason, especially in small town WI, the crusts are doughy and undercooked. The pie itself was so good the crust was beside the point. Hope you're staying warm.

  7. That pie looks divine. I love a good diner more than almost anything--I'm a comfort food slut.

  8. Hey Green Girl. This place is like high class diner food, not at diner prices.
    People choose their pie instead of wedding cake, that's how good it is.
    There is one place in Northern WI that is supposed to be as good or better. I keep forgetting the name.

  9. Take pictures when you do. And yes, I can tell it's a camera phone. It's got that camera phone look (like my pictures!)

    I use my AMP for a foot rest. I'm down to my last case. It's sad.

  10. I'm not really sure what it is, Jodi, but assume it's the stuff the kids are drinking these days. Maybe if you cut it with vodka.

  11. Anonymous11:39 PM

    GAWD that pie looked awesome...& Pumpkin Chocolate Chip too?!? Gaaaa....drool....WHY do my cups always runneth over when I visit your blog?!?!?

  12. Hey Olga, I think of you every time I look at Aaron Rodgers butt.

  13. OK Jeanna....whaddaya think?
    Does Aaron Rodgers butt look like a "seal a meal" to ya or something!
    I thought this post was supposed to be about pumpkin pie, not pimpin' beefcake?

  14. It does look like a seal a meal now that you mention it, James. Don't worry I'd seal your meal before Aaron.
    This guy looks like him though. Oh, I guess I didn't post the face shot.
    Why does beef pie sound good, but beef cake not so much.

  15. Thanks to this post, I am now craving pumpkin pie and tight male buttocks. God, I need help.

    Loved this, by the way (lol):

    See how thin the crust is? Not under or over baked, the crust was neither a detraction or distraction, rather the set up man to the filling's punchline.

    Now that's some sexy food talk. Pass the whipped cream and I'm set.

  16. Hey Unhinged, I dreamed about tight male buttocks, pastry, and the Wizard of Oz last night.
    Now I'm too hooked on Twilight and Hot Tamales to sleep. You'd think I didn't have a dead (emphasize the word "dead") line Monday morning.
    How's the Fish Market, I mean writer's block?

  17. Who is that little brat on the trike?

  18. Whaddya mean, Olga? I see a nice tight arse and some pie. You mean in the Halloween photos which I've yet to finish putting up?


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