Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

Box of Mike and Ike Ice
It's cold, maybe a little colder than it should be, but it was *shorts and thong weather a few weeks ago and could all melt tomorrow.
The point? Is there ever a point? I liked the look of the Mike and Ike Italian Ices on a frozen pond at the splash park. Frightening disgruntled geese and old people with fingers poised over quick-call buttons on flipped open Pantech Breezes was fun too. And who gave the geese cell phones.
The display at Walgreens claimed these Mike and Ikes were NEW though the summer fruit and Italian Ice on the box screamed summer—Walgreen's has a Spahn Ranch like hold on me so I bought them.
I was looking for Jolly Joe's, so didn't really care about the bland taste of the concentrated pear juice and carnauba wax of the lemonorangecherryblueraspberrywatermelon Italian Ice. The geese seemed overly curious.
The best part of a box of Mike and Ike Italian Ice candy is the warning in purple print on the back:
"To enjoy this Italian Ice, you do not need to freeze this product."
Too late.

Mike and Ike IceIf you close your eyes and pretend the tingling feeling in your extremities is the sun beating down on you rather than one of the first stages of frostbite, you can almost taste the lemonorangecherryblueraspberrywatermelon italian ice flavors.

Holiday Jujy box
The box of winter Jujyfruits fared much better than the Ikes on ice. They're just small jujyfruits shaped like teddy bears, snowmen, and Christmas trees.
I may have inadvertently eaten some photo shoot pieces realizing too late that a breakfast of spice encrusted salmon, half a banana, and pp (previsously posed) holiday Jujyfruits don't mix. But I'd do it again, because Jujyfruits are not only the perfect movie candy, but make you ask for more as they pull out fillings and gurgle your stomach. I can't believe I left them off the Gummi Food Pyramid, especially since I was eating them when I made it.
However, cute and inscrutable as these winter Jujys are, stick (ha) with the regular-sized Jujyfruits for full flavor and the perfect Jujy-sized candy.

Winter Jujyfruits
*It's always shorts and thong weather in a college town


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your accident Jeanne!! I am so glad you are all ok - I had been wondering where you had been!


  2. Hey Jim, you must be in study mode or are you done for the term?

  3. Jeanna

    Sorry for spelling your name wrong above!

    I have indeed been in study mode - but had the last of my exams today! Now it is time to soak up the festive atmosphere! Woohoo! That toffee you have posted up today looks absolutely fantastic!!

  4. It's better than hearing it aloud, ha, ha.
    Congrats for getting through it all, Jim. All classes cancelled today and the kiddies get to start their holidays early.
    Except for the university which apparently thinks a foot of snow and buses in the ditch is no excuse to halt higher learning.
    I like the idea of a festive atmosphere.


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