Monday, November 02, 2009

Evil, Evil Sugar

Evil bowl of candy in the rushes
No. 1, Found Candy

The gluttonous bags of Snickers and Milk Duds you've been "saving" for trick-or-treaters don't count. I know, I buy gluttonous bags of candy throughout the month (and often way before), and I haven't had a trick-or-treater for years.
This year I took the matter into my own hands and started passing it out on State Street. I said passing it out, not passing out.
Been there, done that.

Tall Glass of Alien
Homeless people, event security, college kids under all kinds of influences got candy from a black bucket decorated with skeleton parts.
My found candy was found while taking photos at the UFO Day parade in Belleville.

Take Me To Ur Tractor
I was getting pelted with candy during the parade, and hours later I was getting pelted with cans of beer thrown at me by college kids on Lake Street. I'm still not sure if they were spoiled (can you imagine wasting a beer like that), destructive, obnoxious, or genuinely trying to toss me a beer.

Nasty College Boys
They almost hit Cha Cha, and let me tell you, I'd be blogging from Tacheedah if they had. I think the guy on the right is throwing the beer in this shot.

Rainbow WigWishing someone would throw a beer their way

So, found candy.

There's always some unusual candy and toys in the batch, and my favorites this year were an alien sticker, Dubble Bubble gumballs, something called Tutti-Frutti Big Blow (sounds like the porch dude douchebags), an Extra Sour Cry Baby (like the PDD the morning after), a Benjamin Franklin Super Ball, and a no name sucker that was vaguely shaped like the bottom of a piece of candy corn.

Candy ChuckersUh oh, DUCK.


  1. Jeanna!!!!!!! You're back! And I had to read almost a week and a half of posts to catch up. Small price to pay. YAY!!!! (and I'd have thrown that beer back. But probably not in a nice way, lol)

  2. If you've ever gotten into a snowball fight beyond ur skill level, you'll know why I didn't.
    I found a photo of two of them (the worst two) in some random shots I took later.
    Nice to hear from you, Jodi, will check in w/you soon.


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