Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Alien TrackersWhat am I up to? The less you know the better.

But I will be putting up Halloween photos on my Web site and posting on Spark People today. I'll also be publishing some of those posts that have been stewing behind the Curtain later this week—yes, I do it all (except get paid).
But speaking of in lieu of payment, I met a slightly cranky UPS guy at the door this morning (understandably so because the door buzzer still doesn't work) bearing Trident Layers.

Trident LayersI was surprised because the product rep contacted me just yesterday and I was expecting Halls Refresh. Rolling with it, I'll be doing a quick review of Green Apple + Golden Pineapple and Wild Strawberry + Tangy Citrus in a few days.
I do have a scratchy throat, but also feel my jaws have atrophied, so go gum.


  1. It looks like your Alien Traker is transporting a missile????
    Does he have the proper permits from the community organiser?

  2. did you get a pic of my BF's van?!?!?

  3. It does, doesn't it. And it's aimed at a house on Lake St.

  4. I was thinking this was Jimmy's van, MR. So you think you can beat me this week? I'm on the rise baby.

  5. ...with real fruit layers? lol.

    Seriously, you should charge people money to try their product. :)

  6. Word, Jodi woman.

  7. I hope I do well this week, but all my good guys are on bye week.
    Actually, the BF wants us to move to Kansas and be storm trackers...and this is what their vans tend to look like.

  8. You tracking storms or little green men? I don't even have to look after watching some of the game last night.


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