Thursday, January 28, 2010

Q.bel and SoCo

I'dlike to say, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in," but I won't.

Q.bel ChocolateQ.bel sent me two of every kind of their tasty chocolate rolls and wafers which never made it to Dish testers because, um, it's so very cold and I had to eat them before it dropped into the mouths of nearby canines.
You never know. The neighbor dog dropped by after becoming bored with laughing at playoff footage of Bart Ferve and has planted herself inches away from my desk chair and the empty box of wrappers.

Part BloodhoundIt won't be a surprise to you who read this blog (and no surprise that no one reads this blog) that I'm not a fan of ze dark chocolat—the $7.50 in postage tipped the scale toward the (Something, Something, Something) Dark Side.
"Hello, is this thing on, 1 2 3?"
Coincidentally I'm also OCD now. (1 2 3).
My favorite Q.bell wafers were the milk chocolate Crispy Rice Wafer Bars and the Crunch Crispy Wafer Rolls. The tantalizing blend of milk chocolate and crispy rice was especially phenomenal in the wafer bar.
It's not often that—

Salvador DoggieLost my train of thought when this one gave me the look. Wrong dog, that's my cousin Jackie's stuffed, I mean Teddy Bear Dog, Bob.
I meant SoCo, who has briefly stopped guarding the empty box of chocolate wrappers and is sending me guilt vibes from the couch. I did not put on that gentle leader and leash. Shudder.

SoCoPerhaps she's wondering how long it takes exposed flesh to freeze at 5°. I forgot, bitching about the weather is not allowed when above zero in January in Wisconsin.
Let's see, orgy of chocolate, diet failing miserably, karmic payback for laughing at fat people as a skinny child.
My two favorite Q.bels were the milk chocolate sans peanut butter which I prefer when baked in a cookie or right out the jar when baked.
And then there was the Dark Chocolate Mint. Lovely. I can smell the impudent mint from one of the wrappers as yet unmolested by the dog who's now busy chewing napkins and hiding plush chotskies around the apartment.

Bird Dog
I can't say anything bad about Q.bel dark chocolate bars. If you like dark chocolate or think it's going to make you healthier, go for it.
What impressed me the most were the Crispy Rice Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars. OMG (yes, ran out of adjectives before I started and it's late and the dog wants to watch Fringe).
The Crispy Rice does taste "decadent but light" as advertised (11g of Fat kind of light). Each 1.1 oz two-bar pack has 180 calories (did you know there's 720 calories in a movie sized box of Jujy Fruits) and is worth every one.
The milk chocolate Crispy Rice has the smoothly sweet, subtle but rich chocolate that reminds me of Hachez or Scharffenberger with the deceptively light touch of crisp.
Bonus: There are no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup in Q.bel Chocolate Candy Bars.


  1. Great pics of SoCo.
    Stay warm if ya can!

  2. Hey!! You have the same carpet--must be a sign!

    Did you really think the milk chocolate tasted better? And why can't they make a sort of half sweet, not too dark (but not semi-sweet) kind of chocolate.

    I recently got some candy from Pennsylvania and wow--it's sweet like hurt my teeth sweet.

  3. It's been around 28 plus so basking in the warmth. How you been.

  4. You mean since September? Almost had another flood this morning when the toilet started to overflow.
    Oh yeah, there was no comparison. I didn't like the peanut butter bars, but the Crispy Rice wafers tasted like a whole different kind of chocolate. The dark chocolate mint was okay.
    What kind of candy did you get?
    Wish you were on Facebook, that's about the only place I've been going lately.

  5. lol, Jeanna. My "family", real actual parents and brothers and relatives and stuff are on Facebook. I try to stay far away from them, it's better for my mental health, but I'll check it out. :)

    I got some romolo chocolate, from this small store someone was sure was the best candy anywhere. You could tell it was handmade because the chocolate tail on top was shaped into the letter of what was inside, but wow--it tasted like Zachary's Easter chocolate. Ate one, they emailed me to see how much I liked it, and I had to use weasel words, lol.

    Yeah, it's weird sometimes how much variation there is in a line of chocolate.

  6. Well the letter tail sounds cool, but I guess you never know. Was it old?
    I don't really like FB, but so many people are on there, it's the best way to communicate with many of them.
    It's kind of how AIM used to be or texting (which I hate cuz of the cost) is with some people.
    A necessary evil.
    Still no word on how my email was hacked into and no fix. STILL can't change my password for that email. You wud not believe the elaborate crap I've got for each account now.

  7. *sigh*
    I miss your Dish posts! :(

  8. *sigh*
    I miss your Dish posts! :(


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