Thursday, August 05, 2010

Time In

SoCo time outI'm so sick of Brent

What's Been Going On

• I've taken some computer classes to catch my stride in the PC world
• Got my first laptop
• Started a blog for my mother called Evelyn's Corner
• Am updating my website and adding dog photos
• Am not crazy about the new AP spelling of "Web site" (website)
• My favorite neighbor moved away and many new ones moved in

SoCo nappingMy Favorite Neighbor

• Speaking of cankles, I started eating better and working out the very day I finished summer school. I lost almost six pounds in the last six days, and believe me, the way I've been hunched over a computer, Mickey D's and Cheese Nips, it's progress scale
• The YMCA gave me an offer I couldn't refuse to help counter all the new products I'll be trying
• I got both my parents (85) and Unky Ray (87) to go to the Belleville Olson Fourth of July and Birthday Food, Fun, and Beer Fest this year

Unky Ray in at the Belleville FarmUnky Ray up to no good in Belleville

• I had my first snowball fight in July

Snowballs in JulyBrian, Wanda, and a very pregnant Vicki

• It's Bart, Brent, Buck, I mean Brett déjà vu all over again. ESPN radio is saying "he transcends sports" as I type. Not being one to say "I told you so," I'll just show you this photo I took at my only visit to Lambeau

Brent FavreFrom my cousin's seats on the 50-yard line

• I got a new scanner yesterday so expect some new old photos

And, there's a new candy store in town called "Lucy's" that I can't wait to try

candy sucker


  1. Had to come by and visit! Love your mom's blog!

  2. Aww, as you can see life has again caught up with me. Spent some time in Wausau and may have to talk about the inordinate amount of soft serve ice cream they have in that town before the candy store.


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