Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Have We Here?

Ralph Pierce of Gem City Candy told me he was making beer truffles last Wednesday so I took a short road trip to Boo on a lovely fall day. I needed a quick video for class and he was very generous with his time,  and as always, sweet samples.

I loved, loved, loved the beer truffles. More on that later.
Do you know what's pictured above?
The item on top has become all the rage, but I've never seen it so completely covered in luscious chocolate. The unique treat pictured on the bottom is most likely new to you, even if you do live in Wisconsin.
Stay tuned for my attempts at digital video and iMovie at Gem City.

NOTE: Erika from Tummy Treasure got it on the first try. Leave it to a ched to recognize the ever popular chocolate covered bacon (why?) and the more elusive beef stick dipped in chocolate.


  1. I finally broke down and ate these more than a week after I got them. The chocolate was pretty good and one of the mystery snacks was fairly tasty, even with Merlot!
    No matter what's covered in chocolate, you really need to let it warm up to room temp if it's been cooled. A world of difference.

  2. Okay, I'll take a guess that the top one is chocolate covered bacon, and the bottom looks strangely like a sausage stick dipped in chocolate.

    Tell me that isn't so... that just can't be right.

  3. Oh Erika you are so right.
    You're gonna have to send me an email with your address cuz you won a postcard from some exotic locale like Madison or New Glarus.
    The chocolate bacon was huge and surprisingly edible after the initial shock of the first big hunk of pork.
    The chocolate enrobbed beef stick not so much. The chocolate is very good, the beef stick is better than a Slim Jim, but together, no. I was a little drunk when I ate it and that helped.

  4. Oh no! Really? I've enjoyed candied bacon, and I guess chocolate bacon isn't too far of a stretch... but beef stick? Ew, that just...nope.

    Lol. I'll FB my addy.

  5. omg

    a beef stick dipped in chocolate.

    My mind is just slowly creeping around that one, sort of sideways and crab-like. And you ate it?? *seriously impressed*

  6. i'm seeing stocking stuffers....

  7. i'm seeing stocking stuffers...

  8. You enjoyed the candied bacon? I'm thinking of something like a marashino cherry only bacon. Shudder.
    Ok, now to me, bacon IS a stretch. And if we're turning pork products into gourmet chocolate, why not beef.
    Again, shudder. (But the bacon wasn't half bad.)

  9. Has this craze not reached you yet, Jodi? I dunno, all that coffee up there might produce some kind of caffeine infused cocoa coated deciduous tree bark or something. Steeped tree bark, bet someone on the west coast is sipping a cup right now.

  10. Stocking stuffers, just not over a lit fireplace, K., certainly. I see a marketing campaign.

  11. Chocolate covered bacon, yep. Sounds horrible if you ask me though. I love both items just can't see mixing them. :)

  12. Brings a whole new meaning to "Where's the beef"?

  13. Hey Lisa, not as bad as you'd think although the first bite was like jumping in a cold lake.

  14. Why it's covered in chocolate, James.

  15. Beer truffles?!?!

  16. That's right, C. and they were deelicious. I have some shots of them in the poorly shot video in the next post.


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