Sunday, October 03, 2010

Beer Truffles and Chocoloate Beef Sticks and Such

Fall is football food and chocolate making weather. Who would have thought you could combine them. Maybe I should have expected this after my first chocolate covered potato chip.
When I heard Ralph was making beer truffles I turned it into an assignment for a class I'm taking in digital video. I was thrilled beyond all that's reasonable when I discovered he'd not only made tantalizing batches of beer and wine truffles, but had enrobed succulent beef sticks in amazing chocolate.
No, I haven't forgotten the thick and almost juicy slabs of bacon dipped in milk chocolate.
As you can see I have a lot to learn about video and even more about what can, has been, or should be slathered in chocolate.
All I can say of the thick and meaty beef sticks is at least I tried it and Jodi from Will Work For Noodles may have an early Christmas present as the cooler weather allows for mailing chocolate.
This is also on The Candy Dish Curtain's Facebook page if the video is misbehaving on Blogger.


  1. Yo, Jeanna! This post makes me want to come visit you in Ched Town. Seriously. I think we'd have fun tearing the town apart. Maybe we should pick up Jimbo and the girls and take them along for the ride.

  2. Can you imagine being trapped in a car for that many hours with those little fart blossoms? OMG. And the dogs are pretty offensive too, lol.
    Yeah, Madison has a lot going on this time of year. We just got a visit from Obama and then Biden (which no one seemed to know about until they wondered about the traffic).


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