Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Costume

Although I've been taking Halloween photos on State Stree for a few years now, this costume might be my favorite. It was pretty touching for a college kid ensemble. Do you know what it is? (The file name doesn't tell the whole tale. Pun.)


  1. Here are some guesses recently posted on The Dish Curtain FB page

    From Julie W.A.
    -The faceless pets that are thrown into the confines of the pound every year?

    From Mary Ruth:
    -the unknown tiger?

    Close, but no kibble for you.

  2. the, um, dicarded, bedroom pet?!?!

  3. Very Good, Sandy!

  4. Wow! Poor kitty. :( Love the costume!

  5. It's pretty cool, Lisa. His story was that it was a favorite childhood stuffed animal that got forgotten and thrown on the trash heap. I think there was a little Toy Story in there.


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