Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back To (Easter Candy) Basics: Cadbury Mini Eggs

I was surprised at the response I got to this quick pic I took at the State Street Walgreen's on Saturday (friend the Dish on Facebook to see comments from February 20).

It seems that people like Easter candy.
I've got great memories of baskets and until recently made some pretty elaborate ones.
First up and ahead of schedule are my favorites from the Basic Basket Building category: Cadbury mini eggs.

That ugly salmonella business in the UK aside, Cadbury is one of my go to chocolates. Although not a chocolate snob, and admittedly less skilled in the subtleties of the bean, I heart cocoa.
The Mini Egg shell seems a little thick but easily wears down. If you suck it will it not melt?
The disintegration of the candy shell is a very pleasant experience. The color stays while the shell thins and breaks apart allowing you to crunch the candy and savor the chocolate.
There's an almost sharp taste which muscles Cadbury chocolate. The kind of sharp which makes sharp cheddar better than mild, the kind of sharp which says I'm a little richer than normal, but not overwhelming. It says I might be milk chocolate, but I have personality too.
Another reason I like these eggs is because you can put them in Easter grass or use them to fill colorful plastic eggs. They don't melt easily in nature, and can be man handled by adults and children without dire consequences. They're a crowd pleaser and like jelly beans and the Peep, building blocks for any Easter basket.


  1. Wow your chocolate range looks amazing in the supermarket, i agree that mini eggs are definately a moreish snacking chocolate, you just want to keep going back for more and more!

  2. Confession: I Looooooooove Cadbury Mini Eggs. They're my FAVE Easter candy EVER!! Just sayin'.

  3. Hey there Lot-O, it's just the campus Walgreens, but yeah, they usually do the holidays right.
    I pretty much ate the whole bag, minus those lost in the picture taking, so I'd have to agree.

  4. Hey C. I do love the Cad Choc taste. I snuck a few caramel and cream eggs early this season, in the name of the blog you know.
    Don't see those reviews forthcoming.

  5. i'd take the gummy bunnies over chocolate any day!

  6. Normally I'd agree with you OIC cuz gummies are kings of the candy pyramid, but it's hard to find that distinctive taste in mainstream chocolate. I could do without the hard shell I think.


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