Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Why Not Ju Ju Hearts

Don't make me drag out the Gummi Pyramid.
It was nice to find candy outside a heart shaped box in the Walgreens holiday aisle today. Who knows what's lurking in those boxes and how long they've been lurking. If it were the kind of chocolate you'd want to spend money and calories on, I don't think it'd be wrapped in cardboard and plastic. Would it?
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But be still my faded gummi heart, I found a container of Ferrara Pan pink and red Ju Ju Hearts on the top shelf begging to be photographed in 5 degree weather. You know the name, it not only represents some of the best anytime candy—Grapeheads, Cherryheads, Lemonheads, Red Hots, Jaw Busters, the sassy Atomic Fireball, but keeps reminding me that you come across some of the best candy at gas stations and hardware stores.
I'd put these Ju Ju Hearts (3 for $4.00 at Walgreens) up there with Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon and Haribo Sour S'ghetti, they're that good.

They look cold. Cold, but delicious. I'm going to have one right now.  
It's a satisfying chew without jaw dislocation. The red hearts have just the right amount of something vaguely cherry and the pink could easily be strawberry. 
Some of them even sport tiny little swirls of the opposite color. Bonus.
I love these gummi ju ju hearts, move aside chocolate (unless it's the really good kind).


  1. don't leave them out there too long or they'll be jawbreakers.

  2. they might be jawbreakers even if you take them in. delicious jaw breakers


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