Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blood and Popcorn

Clary's Flavored Popcorn
True Blood Season 4 came out on DVD and Blu Ray yesterday and it seems I've waited longer than Sookie and Eric to see this season. What to snack on?
Not finding donors or blood related candy at Family Video, I picked up a few amusing sweets which I'll review in my next post. But lately, there are only two kinds of sugar I crave, everything else is like synthetic blood to me.

Hot Caramel and Cheese
One is halvah, which tastes like sugary, slightly chewy sand. It's lovely. I got hooked on it when I was catering the bar mitzvah circuit, and it's not something found easily around here.
Sure, you can get white chocolate shaped like a Badger Claw or all the chocolate cheese you could want (assuming you do), but halvah, forget about it. Well, yeah, do, because this post is about popcorn, the only other thing I want. But I will be buying all the halvah at Trader Gus.
There have been only three popcorn places I've loved and just one that haunts my dreams.
But there is a fourth on the top of State Street that's growing on me and that's the corn I crave now. Right now.
That bag of hot caramel and cheese corn pictured above, both kinds were perfectly warm. The caramel corn was gooey, I couldn't stop eating it. I was walking down State Street like a vamp sucking on a faerie and got remarks like, "You're eatin' popcorn, huh?"
I didn't say it was Shakespeare.
I might get some cherry red corn for the rest of my True Blood marathon. Unless I fall in love with a Norse god or lose my appetite. For dead food.

Note: Please excuse the poor pic quality, taken with one of the emergency car cameras.

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