Monday, May 21, 2012

Ice, Ice, Maybe

It was 86 before it dropped 25 degrees yesterday, but these didn't look all that tempting. On a more exciting note, the Walgreens on the Square got an Icee Machine. I had one during the St. Pat's Parade, which somehow seemed warmer than last Sunday.

Somethings gotta give


  1. temperature has been on the high 80's here too, I'm new around my neighborhood but I see Walgreens in the corner. I have to check whether they have icees too... love your picture

  2. You're a Kanook, like Chrissy, yeah?
    It was in the 90s yesterday and scary windy. A few steps away from tornado weather.
    It would be interesting to see where all the Icee machines are at Walgreens, I've only found one here downtown so far, but I did find them at the Mall yesterday by accident.
    I should have taken a photo, you know, Malou, you have motivated me to do just that.
    Icee and a big pretzel = Heaven.

  3. Anonymous6:31 AM

    You don’t actually need ices to make ice cream. Call me crazy but this was a revelation to me : )
    I was inspired by your post and decided to make some ice cream using this recipe
    It tastes exactly like that from the machine, my kids loved it! Of course, it’s much more time consuming but at least you don’t have to invest in the machine or go outside when it’s too hot.


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