Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Toxic Waste: Sour Smog Balls

You may know it as candy you'd eat after the last cough drop is gone. Toxic Waste usually comes in a teeming yellow drum of green hazardous material and has 8-year-old boy written all over it.
It's known for sour candy and gum, is colorful, sour, and distinctively novel. It doesn't taste great, but is fun fun fun.
The back of the bag tells the story of Dr. Smogg who's making it rain, but the cheap bastard is raining solid waste instead of bills.

It's nice the flavors are pictured, because once again, who can tell? I will say the balls did well in a hot car going up to Steven's Point's Green Circle, durability usually being a bonus for novelty candy.

They also did well with the Dish Curtain popcorn pretzel test (chewy sour candy paired with popcorn or pretzels for a sweet and salty bacchanalia).
I'm not crazy about the crunchy protective shell, which crunches harder on some balls than others. Cutting that train of thought short, the package is better than the product, but it's decent emergency candy with a sufficiently sour center, a nice chew, and should go over well with kids and novelty candy fans.


  1. Maybe not with these, but now I have to try the dish curtain popcorn pretzel test - sour skittles?

  2. Sour Skittles, in a pinch, perhaps.
    The ultimate combo for me is lightly buttered, moderately salted Rural Route 1 or Badger white corn and Sour Patch Kids. That is the standard to which all others are held, Rod.

  3. Thanks J, I can't believe sp kids weren't my first thought. Maybe the best gummy ever (along with swedish fish). I'll be trying it soon enough.

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