Monday, May 25, 2015

Boxed Munch

Mr. French, Phil2 & Little Rat
MunchPak is a snack service that delivers a variety of munchies from around the world. Think the last shot of Mad Men.
Your box-o-nosh may include a Cadbury Bubbly or a bag of Filipino mock pork cracklings. You can add an American preference, but might not get Polish Coffee Dream Candy with Coffee Filling. Insert joke here.

I found the website and concept a little confusing so I broke it down.

•Pick a 5, 10 or 20 piece box for $10, $20, or $40 dollars
•The chosen assortment may be a little weird unless you're a snack aficionado, so scroll down to customize categories if you'd like. You're still going to get a surprise mix
•Choose a delivery schedule: Weekly, bimonthly, or monthly
•There's a one time gift option which I suppose you could gift to yourself
•Customize (or don't) your Pak with preferences such as sweet, sour, gummy, seafood (Grilled Seaweed anyone?)
•Checkout (using Bitcoin if you'd like)

Dish taste testers thought the idea was pretty funny, like that fruit of the month club on Raymond.  ("He's got us in some kind of cult!")
The MunchPak reminds me of care packages we got at school, and seems like an especially entertaining gift for the high and dry college student.

Phil2 is holding one of my favorites, Haribo Happy Cherries. They smell great, all fresh gummy-sour. I also loved the jingle cookies from Turkey. One of the taste testers didn't care for the light yet stalwart biscuit with chocolate cream filling, but loved the Korean Cola Candy.
I'm sucking on one right now. It tastes fizzy without the fizz, like a hard candy Bottle Cap with more kick.

No one went for the Sriracha Peas. No one except me. I'm a wasabi pea fan, so.  I became quite attached to the Cosmos something in Korean I can't find anywhere. It's described as a shelled shaped snack with peanut cream and tastes like something glazed and sesame.

Spin the international nibble wheel or for an extra buck delete foreign or add American snacks as a preference–why do they allow you to do both? There is no chocolate customization option, yet there is one for meat.

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