Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No Soup For You

Roscoe, Sassy Girl & Little Rat

Just a reminder that none of my furry friends, rather furry canine friends, sample the sweets unless they sneak a fleck off someone's lips.
Roscoe here may stick his nose in something only to lick it off later. I see you, devil dog.
They're a wily group, but they get size appropriate dog treats.
All of them love Frosty Paws, especially in the summer, so I'll be doing a little photo shoot later this week with Little Rat and the persnickety Mr. French,

Never give your dog anything on this list

•Bread dough
Grapes and Raisins
•Macadamia Nuts
Moldy Foods
•Onion and Garlic
Xylitol – Found in Sugar Free Gum or Sugar Free Baked Goods

List from Foods That Are Hazardous to Dogs by the ASPCA

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