Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Flickr: A Great Way To Procrastinate When You Should Be Writing An Essay

Jesus and MosesHoly Moses, I finally uploaded my Halloween photos to flickr.
"Timely," you say sarcastically.
(Apologies to Shannon.)
Hey, I've been busy.
Plus, this is still part of a class project, and some of those photos are just too cool for school.
(James Dean is always a relevant link.)
Did I mention how much I hate writing essays?
Maybe I should start my St. Patrick's Day set.


  1. rebel yell7:07 PM

    i agree about james dean

  2. Something crazy inside me regrets missing State St Halloween (I was at Fright Fest at 6 Flags!) because for once it was relatively warm. the costume pictures are great - except the tampon guys. ewwwww.

    nice shots!

    and lol it's okay to not use 'said' outside a news article :D

  3. Did you see that old guy at Six Flags?
    It was warm at first, then not so much.
    Those guys were quite proud of themselves. Like puppies that chew up your shoes then bring them to you.
    "Thanks for the okay," she said. "I had an editor that insisted I use no other kind of attribute, and to always place it at the end of the graph."


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