Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

What else but pumpkin pie and whipped cream could be numbers 1 and 2. Is it because a combination of autumn vegetable and dairy is considered health food in Wisconsin? Have pumpkin pie and whipped cream become our wafer-thin mint?

Thanksgiving Day
bulldog2) Whipped Cream
It's a dessert topping, a floor wax, a party favor, and the best thing to happen to a pumpkin since someone scraped out its insides and chucked it in a pie. I remember first discovering Cool Whip at a Kohl's grocery store when I was a kid, then eating an entire tub of it while waiting for the Park St. bus. I thought it was ambrosia, and didn't know how easy whipped cream was to make. I've seen recipes calling for either confectioners' or granulated sugar. I'd think the powdered would blend well, and the granulated would taste better; this whipped cream recipe from Grandma's Cookbook doesn't specify. It's best to chill the bowl and beaters before using. So we're looking at heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla, then beating it until you see soft peaks. Or was it Twin Peaks?

piewhippedcream1) Pumpkin Pie
According to, pumpkin pie dates back to 1621. (They are now saying, btw, it's time to start on Christmas cookies.) Pilgrims filled a pumpkin with milk and honey and tossed it in hot ashes. Why does this remind me of camping trips with the Prestigiacomo's? Another time, another story. Meanwhile, have a slice or twelve, and surf these pumpkin pie recipes from Chiff.
bulldog flickr photo from bulldog1
pumpkin pie and whipped cream flckr photo from Lenna!


  1. Anonymous4:09 AM

    Does that dog have an agent?

  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Mmmmmmmm...pumpkin pie and whipped cream. You've clearly and accurately described my two favorite Thanksgiving food groups.

    Here's a fun memory from my childhood: getting the biggest spoon I could find and piling on the Reddi Whip as high as gravity would allow.

    Thanks for that trip down memory lane! :)

  3. Hi Beth. That sounds like a good thing to do with a spoon. The whipped cream was the last thing I got Wednesday night. The place I got it from only had one can left. We ended up with seven altogether.


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