Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Trip To The Chocolate Factory

Jim Jarnigo, aka James J., makes the golden insides of his chocolate covered fairy food in a copper pot. The husband and wife candymakers, Jim and Laurie, opened up their chocolate factory Monday night to benefit the Lake Mills food pantry. There was a huge stack of this irresistible stuff waiting for us along with teaming platters of dark and milk chocolates. Jim had just added the final fairy food ingredient, baking soda, to make it froth and rise. This is what makes the fairy food candy airy, similar to what creates the bubbles inside peanut brittle. The sweet mass took on a life of its own once set to cool on the marble table. (See photos in the entry above.) As for the shots of the ceiling at the end of the video, did I mention there was free wine?


  1. Jeanna,

    Oh, girl you got me with this one. I love Angel Food candy and for years haven't been able to have it. We lived in the south and they have never heard of the stuff. It was heavenly to move north and indulge!

    Love the video clip it was fun to watch it grow!


  2. Hi Tami,
    Wish I had Smell-O-Vision. The "fairy food" they made for us was in large hunk form and mmmmm. I like how it bubbled right before I took this tipsy little video. If we didn't have a, ahem, research paper to start, I would have uploaded photos leading to the frothing stage already. Soon though. Don't settle for prepackaged angel food unless it's a Violet Crumble.


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